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Moodle: Moodle Upgrade to 2.9

Version 2.7 Changes/Improvements

Version 2.7 changes/improvements - for more information see


  • For all users
  • o ​​​Atto, a new, simple-to-use editor (for more  information and screen shots see
  • o Modern appearance with improved responsiveness
  • o Mathematics improvements
  • For teachers
    • Create better customized learning paths with enhanced Conditional Activities
    • Improved Assignment features
    • Easily create and manage Quiz & Question bank



  • 'Notify students' is available to control when to send feedback during the grading process. 
  • Teachers can comment directly on students' work on online text assignments  
  • New capability mod/assign:viewgrades to allow grades to be viewed but not changed 
  • Assignment grading table filters 
  • Word limit feature added to online assignments. 
  • Assignment plugins can display an introduction.
  • Availability can be set with a time as well as a date. 

Course and page

  • Blocks can be docked while using the Clean theme. 
  • Breadcrumbs moved below the logo image in Clean. 


  • Subject line of forum notifications can now be configured through language string customisation 


  • Gradebook search allows for filtering by student name. 
  • The top of the grader report now also has a horizontal scrollbar. 
  • Maximum marks in standard activities can now exceed 100. 


  • Web services added for grades and forums.

Quiz & Question bank

  • Quiz reports improved. Responses from all tries are available for analysis when using or "Adaptive", "Interactive with multiple tries" or similar behaviors. Break-down by question variant, for question types like Calculated, STACK and Variable-numeric, which one question can have different random variants. Progress bar during long calculations to prevent time-outs. Low-level calculation code moved into the question component, where it could potentially be reused by other activities. Much more automated testing of this complex area of code.
  • To duplicate a question, you now start by clicking the x2 icon, like for activities.
  • The various different ways to move questions in the question bank have been rationalized.
  • There is now a 'Save changes and continue editing' button when editing questions. Useful when you are working on a complex question with the preview open in another window.
  • The interface of the question type selector has been updated
  • New plugin point, so that plugins can add columns to the question bank, or new search conditions.
  • Essay questions can now require an attachment, with the text optional, rather than the other way around.
  • Random short-answer matching question type brought back from the dead.
  • Option to show all tries in responses report.


  • SCORM new window now opens without headers/footers as expected.


Version 2.8 Changes/Improvements

Version 2.7 changes/improvements - for more information and screen shots see or see videos at


  • For all users
    • Text autosave
    • ​New user menu
    • "'Like' rating
    • Email to private files
  • Gradebook improvements
    • Improved Grader report
    • New Single view
    • New Grade history report
    • Natural weighting
  • Forum enhancements
    • Subscribe to individual discussions
    • Better navigation through threads
    • Email replies to forum posts •
  • New options for Quiz, Choice and Assignment
    • Improved Quiz edit screen and completion settings
    • More than one choice with Choice
    • Additional files for assignments 
  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Stay in touch by subscribing to events
    • New events
  • Cohorts
    • Cohorts can be created on upload
    • A new 'All Cohorts' screen for admins  

Major Features


  • Event monitor: can look for patterns of events and send you notifications 
  • More detailed logging and events have been added, especially around grades 


  • More than one choice can now be made 


  • Possible to create dividers in custom menu Cohorts 
  • Cohort that do not yet exist will be created if specified in “Upload users” tool 


  • You can subscribe to get email copies of individual discussions 
  • You can now reply to forum posts received by email, and even include attachments 
  • You can jump to the next and previous discussions easily 
  • New discussions are displayed in full recent activity report 
  • Attachments are displayed in the same order as they were uploaded Assignment 
  • Option of adding additional files for use in the assignment, such as answer templates 
  • New capability that allows to control which grader receives notifications 


  • Our main focus has been on the Gradebook, with improved UI based on community workshops, surveys and bug reports. New Grader report (the main interface showing all grades): Uses the whole window Smooth, stable scrolling in all directions Works on all platforms, including phones and tablets
  • A new Single view mode allows editing of any row or column on its own Allows quick editing of any cell without reloading. New Natural weighting aggregation method
  • Combines grades simply Clearer interface for using weights Supports extra credit, excluded grades, hidden grades Can remove the need to use any other aggregations New Grade history report
  • A grade history report lists full details of all grade changes Improved Grader setup page (for defining items and categories) New design Easier terminology and clearer layout
  • Bugs fixed relating to how grades are added in some scenarios
  • Prevents loss of data when you leave the window Note! there are new admin settings that hide parts of the user interface. For example calculated grades are disabled by default (even if you were using them in Moodle 2.7 before you upgraded).
  • Improved User report New design Clearer calculations
  • Contributions column explains grade calculations
  • Improved Grade import/export Improved interface
  • Copy/paste import direct from spreadsheet programs Robust handling of null data or bad data
  • Locked grade items are now protected from imports Export to multiple display types (Letter, Percentage…)


  • Ability to ignore users that are already in groups when auto-creating groups 
  • Auto-create groups from existing group or grouping membership


  • Now includes Introduction like other modules 
  • Better handling of images in questions 


  • New quiz-building page - The page where you assemble your questions to make a quiz has been completely re-build to make it much easier an more efficient to use. For example you can now drag-and drop questions to re-order them or move them between pages.


  • New user menu in Clean theme: shows your profile on-screen in the header and allows quick access to personal pages. 
  • The Atto editor can now automatically save drafts of your texts so you don’t lose anything if any unexpected disasters occur 
  • Improved My Home page: better default blocks 
  • My Courses are collapsed by default 


  • Workshop submissions and/or assessments can be removed during the course reset

Other things

  • Single-item scales: now you can implement “Like” buttons with no downside!
  • Users can add files to their private files area by emailing them as attachments
  • A new setting 'Alternative full name format' relating to additional name fields
  • Course categories can be displayed for courses on My home page
  • New completion options: Can apply when a passing grade achieved or all attempts are used 
  • DragMath is no longer distributed in Moodle

Version 2.9 Changes/Improvements

Version2.9 is just being finalized for installation on May 11, 2015. The tentative changes and edits are listed below but won’t be finalized until after May 11, For more information see:

Major features


  • Support for groups 
  • User Interface for grading essays
  • Lessons with no questions show completed after the first page is viewed 
  • Make progress bar available on the very last page of a lesson. 
  • Give time/date extensions to users and groups in lesson 
  • Non-editing teacher should see Grade analysis in Lesson 
  • Lesson short answer question: add fill in the blank option
  • Lesson content page jump description, numerical and short answer questions answers allow rich html but should be plain text 
  • Removing grade info from lesson pages if lesson grade is 0 
  • In order to prevent interactivity references from being broken move the "Dependent on" feature to the completion/availability subsystem 
  • Page creation, update and delete events added 
  • Content page viewed, 
  • Question page viewed and Question page answered events added 

Navigation improvements

  • One of the biggest project was improvements in Navigation and Users pages
  • Grades page listing all my courses, and all courses I am teaching in one place (linked from User Menu)
  • My Home is now Dashboard
  • Redesign profile page, make it pluggable
  • New “Preferences” page (linked from user menu)
  • Consistent header for user pages
  • Consistent header for user sub pages
  • Consistent bread crumbs for user pages
  • Remove redundant nodes from nav tree
  • Improve consistency of the use of the word "My" in navigation User interface improvements
  • Drag and drop image into Atto editor inserts it as a file
  • Teacher can post the same forum question to all groups at once
  • You have assignments that need attention” displays relevant information for teachers
  • Ajax interface for messaging a user
  • Sort by age when viewing question banks
  • Provide search function for Server Files area in File Picker
  • Don't show the category in the breadcrumb if there is only one category
  • Section names in the navigation can link to the sections
  • Overview report shows the full course name
  • Allow access to overview report for users who can view all grades
  • Grader report accessibility improvement
  • Added button to quickly delete the whole course section
  • Allow backup and restore on the front page
  • Fields in database module can be set as required
  • Glossary can export/import embedded images and attached files
  • Removed default requirement of activity description and substituted with a single setting
  • Grade to pass can be set by editing activity without going to gradebook
  • Completion status is updated immediately for student when activity is graded
  • Display group name for group events in the calendar
  • New generic block: activity results
  • Add option to choose whether groups and/or groupings are included in a back up
  • Possible to change / remove picture from group
  • Adding a single person to multiple groups at the same time
  • The course edit page needs a way to redirect to some page other than the main course page after saving
  • When grouping is selected for the activity display a button to quickly create access restriction
  • Allow indenting again for activities in the Main Menu block
  • Add a simple way to go back from enrol/users.php page to the course


  • Printer-friendly option for quizzes
  • Add section headings to quiz
  • Option for teachers to allow students to redo a finished question within a quiz attempt
  • Quiz time period setting should use admin_setting_configduration
  • force unique/unseen questions in retakes
  • Teachers can require students to complete Question 1 before they can see Question 2
  • Quiz navigation indicates depended questions

Other modules

  • Make forum subscription combinations less confusing with different combinations
  • Find last visual post in a discussion
  • Allow teachers to configure the number of discussions displayed using the social course format
  • Ability to specify default values for Forum
  • Convert assignment maximum files per submission maximum to global setting
  • Possible to assign Marker on a marking guide or rubric assignment without giving a grade
  • Allow preview of Choice options before activity is opened for submission
  • Choice module should display information in "Course overview" block
  • Exclude inactive users' responses from Choice report (with an option to include)
  • Added "Continue" button under Error notification message (IMS CP)
  • Workshop: use full page width when displaying contents
  • Text navigation for Books
  • Allow glossary entry to be updated from glossary navigation
  • Save user images as JPEG if uploaded in that format
  • MathJax library updated to 2.5
  • Course completion: "Activities to be completed" should not require passing grade
  • Make Visible/All groups selector show own groups first
  • Add an indication that the grade letters was overridden
  • Link plugin in Atto should add 'http://' prefix when necessary
  • Run *.xhtml file through the text filters.
  • Add Macrons in Atto character map
  • Show which users have not received messages in bulk messaging