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Moodle: Transcribing Spoken Text

Transcribing Spoken Text

Transcribe Videos Using Express Scribe

Express Scribe is available for download here-

  1. We recommend that you use Express Scribe software in conjunction with Microsoft Word or some other word processor. This will give you greater control with editing.
  2. Open Express Scribe.
  3. To open a video, click and drag the file into the Express Scribe window.
  4. At this stage, setting up hotkeys is recommended. The video included below has a good tutorial for setting up hotkeys (the tutorial uses a Mac, but the principle is the same for PC). Hotkeys are not required, but they do expedite the process.
  5. Open Microsoft Word or the word processor of your choice, and begin playing the video. Type your transcriptions into the word processor as the video plays.
  6. Express Scribe has advanced video speed controls. To slow the video down without affecting pitch, adjust the Speed slider to the right of the control buttons.

The following two videos are much more in-depth, and go into timestamping transcriptions.