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Moodle: Flipped and Online Classes

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Flipping Your Classroom with Moodle.  This site introduces teachers to the concept of a "flipped classroom" and explores how to apply it in a limited fashion, using Moodle. It covers best practices for course design, online instruction, and online assessments as well as the technical skills needed to place course material online in Moodle. 

I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip: Setting Up a Flipped Classroom.  A youtube introduction to one approach to flipping a classroom.

Flipping the Classroom.  An overview from the Center for Teaching, Vanderbilt University.

How 'Flipping' the Classroom Can Improve the Traditional Lecture.  Chronicle of Higher Education article.

The Flipped Classroom.  "A disruptive revolution in pedagogy, or yet another educational fad?"  Slate Magazine.