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FYS 100 D The Truth of Suffering: Print Resources

Search Tips

Japanse books

Search tips:

  • Searching in cataLION is more like Google

  • Keyword searching: "Less is More!"

  • Avoid the use of "a" an"  & "the"

  • Logging in gets you more

Using cataLion

cataLION search

To find a book or AV material, enter your search here:

  • To perform a more comprehensive search, use the cataLION advanced search option.
  • Log in to be able to see what you checked out, place holds and create saved lists.

Subject Specific Encyclopedias

A good encyclopedia can provide beginning researchers with the following:

  • an overview of a topic and its various aspects
  • the vocabulary associated with the topic
  • the names of important people, companies or places,
  • a bibliography to lead to other relevant items on the topic, including major studies, books, articles and researchers.

The reference collection contains encylopedias representative of the curriculum. Use the online catalog to locate these subject specific sources.