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Clarence "Biggie" Munn Is Remembered: Home

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Biggie's Death Saddens Albrightians

The death of Clarence (Biggie) Munn has saddened the hearts of many Albrightians who remember the outstanding football coach of the thirities.

Biggie came to Albright in 1935. He became an overnight hero when the Lions defeated powerful Georgetown, 7-0, in his coaching debut.

During the two seasons Biggie coached the Lions, their record was 13-2-1. The losses were to West Chester and Franklin and Marshall and those losses were by 7-6 scores. The tie was 6-6 with Western Maryland.

Needless to say, his coaching and the outstanding teams created a huge following.

Biggie was offered the opportunity for advancement when he left Albright in 1937 to serve as line coach at Syracuse. The following year he headed to Michigan to serve as an assistant.

He returned to Syracuse in 1946 as head coach and one year later he became head coach at Michigan State.

Biggie's record at Michigan was outstanding with a 54-9-2 record. His 1952 team won the national championship and in that same year he was named Coach of the Year.

In 1954 he became Michigan's athletic director, a position he held until 1972 when he suffered a stroke and was forced to resign.

Clarence (Biggie) Munn will long be remembered by football enthusiasts. 

Source: The Albright Reporter, June 1975