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Honors Papers Archive

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Nicholas Hultz Albright Rideshare (2014)
Hilary Hanford Comparing Effectiveness of Individual Tutoring and Online Videos (2014)
Matthew Smith Minimal Surfaces, Soaps Films, and the Weierstrass-Enneper Representation (2014)
Bryan Sotnyk Thank You for Wierdness: Teen Programming at the Muhlenberg Community (2014)
Jennifer Zaplitny The Price to Pay for Evolutionary Success (2014)
Michael Schwartz

Copyright in the Digital Age: The Importance of Transformative Use in Video Game Streaming (2014)

Rodger Rothenberger

Pumpkin Treatment, Tissue Culture, and Plasmid Building (2014)

Daniel Robinson

Investigation of the Effect of the Acid-Base and Redox Properties on the CPET Reactivity of Base-Appended Phenols (2014)

Hayley Myer Survival Horror Meets Literary Theory: An Analysis of the Genre through Narrative and Literary Genres (2014)
Maggie Morgan The Evolution of Moral Opinion (2014)
Christa Mantz

The Asphalt Forest: An Environmental Science Education Initiative (2014)

Sarah MacKenna

English-speaking print media representations of K-pop and by extension record company marketing strategies and techniques (2014)

Chellsey Labik

Effects of Visible Tattoos on the Perception of Social Acceptance (2014)

Amanda Havens The Effects of the Big Five Personality Traits and Relationship Satisfaction on Partner Monitoring and the Presentation of Romantic Relationships on Facebook (2014)
Hilary Hanford Comparing the Effectiveness of Individual Tutoring and Online Videos (2014)

Effects of Cytochalasin D on CHO Cell Morphology and Virus Factory Formation in L929 Cells (2014)


Studies of Delta N20 β2-Microglobulin  at Neutral pH (2014)


Teacher Beliefs and Curriculum Change (2014)

Jessica de Childhood Imaginary Friends and Adult Personality Traits (2014)
Bren Cole Development of Redox-Active Aluminum Systems: Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminum-a-Diimine Complexes (2014)
Bartok German Re-education in the US Occupation Zone, 1945-1948 (2014)
Therese Adgie Growth Rates and Nutritional Composition of Basil Grown in Conventional, Organic, and Aquaponic Systems (2015)
Sara Baum Tracing Ties Among Christ Church Members in Revolutionary Philadelphia: Towards a Prosopography of Pews (2015)
Susan Benitez Language of the Loom: Unraveling Navajo Weaving (2015)
Sarah Ann Crothers An Assessment of Growth in Pro-environmental Worldviews from Freshman to Senior Year in an Undergraduate Liberal Arts College Setting (2015)
Joshua Ehlinger Watching vs. Doing:The Experience of Self-agency Mediates Visual Tracking (2015)
Devin Fisher Understanding the Mechanism of CD4 T-Cell Inhibition by Ectromelia Virus (2015)
Ronya Nassar Health Messages Presented in PBS Kids Shows (2015)
Milca Tooth Morphology and Comparisons in Traditional and Innovative Methods in Dentistry using CAD/CAM Technology (2015)

The effects of different disturbance regimes in a state park on plant community and invasion dynamics (2015)


Graphic Depictions of Joan of Arc in Popular Culture: A Historical Approach to National Identity Through Religious Figures (2015)


A holistic view of English Language Learners and linguistically diverse classrooms in Berks County (2015)

Victoria The Perceptions of the Flipped Classroom Model (2015)

The Effects of Substituents on Concerted Proton-Electron Transfer in Base-Appended Radical Cations (2015)


Paying at the Gate:Taxation and Medieval City Spaces (2015)


Perceptions of Female Flirtatiousness as Influenced by Clothing and Perceiver Gender (2015)

Hanna Sz.

Willa Cather and John Steinbeck: Authors of Unconventional American Characters (2015)


The Effect of Mindfulness on Metacognition and Exams (2015)

Vettleston Probing the Effects of Structural Variation on Concerted Proton-Electron Transfer (2015)

The Effect of Therapy Dogs on Attachment and Theory of Mind in Children (2015)