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Gingrich Library: Your Success Is Why We're Here!

About the Library

This section provides information about library hours, employment, staff, library mission, events and policies.

Library Etiquette and Things to Know

Enjoy the Library: The Gingrich Library strives to promote student learning and faculty instruction in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Library programs include computer technologies, print and media materials, and information literacy instruction essential to lifelong learning. We invite you to visit the Library often.

  • Noise: The library is a place designed for quiet study and research. Please respect each person’s right to a quiet study area. There is a designated group study room for those students who want to work in a group. Library staff reserves the right to ask you to leave the library if the noise level is too high.
  • Cell Phones:  Please put your phones on silent or vibrate while entering the library. Do not answer phone or make calls in the library. If your phone rings, leave the library and then answer it. If you are talking loudly on the phone, you will be asked to leave the library.
  • Food: Food and drink in the library cause spills, stains and messes. Please limit your food to snacks (e.g. bag of chips or a candy bar) and covered drinks. You will be asked to put away or throw out anything that could constitute an actual meal (e.g. a pizza, takeout, etc.). No food or uncovered drink is allowed at the student computers or in the library classroom. If food is present, you may be asked to move to another part of the library or to put it away (place in backpack etc.) Please leave no trace, throw away trash and report spills.
  • Children: Under no circumstances are children of any age (under 18) to be left unattended in the library. If children are left unattended, a librarian will call security. Children may use the library if they are accompanied by an adult and do not cause a disturbance. Minors who are currently enrolled must have an Albright student ID and present it upon request.
  • Personal belongings: Please protect your belongings. For your protection and ours, the library reserves the right to call security for personal items (backpacks, bags, laptops) found to be unattended for more than twenty minutes (Ten minutes at the student computers). All personal items found unattended at closing time will be handed over to security.
  • Disruptive behavior: Disruptive behavior such as loud talking, yelling, use of profanity, arguing with library staff or failure to follow the instructions of library staff affect the environment of the library and the learning experience of students. Library staff reserves the right to ask you to leave the library for disruptive behavior.