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Library Policies

Site for all library main policies and procedures

Library Policies

For guidance on policies regarding building issues, collections, library programs & services, or personnel, please refer to the tabs above. Policies currently exist in the following ares:

Building Policies

Access for Patrons with Disabilities Policy | Library Conduct Policy | Library Display & Exhibit Policy | Food, Drink & Tobacco Policy | Meeting Space | Room Reservation Policy | Posting Policy

Collections Policies

Circulation: ACLCP | Circulation: Albright Community | Circulation: AlumniCirculation: Holocaust Resource CenterCirculation: Library SocietyCirculation: Visitors |Collection Management Policy | Curriculum Library Policy | Fines and Dues Policy | Interlibrary Loan Policy |Reserves Policies |Special Collections Policy

Library Programs & Services Policies

Distance Education | Information Literacy |Library Refund Policy |Public Computer Use Policy | Reference Department Policy

Personnel Policies

Student Worker Policy