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Squirrels on Campus: Home

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Squirrels To Appear On Albright College Campus

Dr. Bowman Solves the "Nut" Problem By Ordering Six Of The Above Animals--Houses Being Built

The over abundance of nuts on the Albright campus brings a new problem for the administration to cope with, and it appears that Dr. Bowman has reached an ideal solution. Last week he sent a request to the state department for several pairs of squirrels. So here is a warning to you--Beware!

Mr. Stoner has been busy the last couple of days providing houses for the rodents, and it is hoped they will be here within a very few days. These little animals will make quite an addition to our campus and will be welcomed by the students during the many hours they spend on the campus this winter as well as next spring. The two walnut trees on the campus along with what the students will feed them will provide sufficient food for our new friends.

Here is, to better acquaintance with the squirrels.

Source: Albright Bulletin, October 1, 1926