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Lipstick, Dates, Beards Are Subjects of Campus Survey

Dates, shaving lotion, lipstick, and beards were the subject of a survey conducted this week by the Pi Alpha Tau pledges as part of their Hell Week duties. A fondness for raspberry lipstick and Yardley's after shave lotion was apparent, as well as a cordial dislike of beards on the part of the coeds. The men hazaraded a guess that they could handle an average of 7 35-44 dates per week not specifying whether they were of the Rainbow Room variety or of walk-and-cake variety.

The questions put to the girls were: What is a good alibi for evading a date?: What is your favorite shaving lotion?; Do you like men with beards? Among the inevitable platitudes in answering the first question were some that are worth trying. For instance, if the person a non-grata wants to take in a movie with you, tell him "My Aunt Tilly just got in from Denmark," or tell him you have chicken-pox, a husband, a "steady", a broken neck, or a date to go the Rainbow Room.

Way out front for favorite shaving lotion is Yardley's lavender. That the girls are definitely in favor of shaving lotions is shown by the fact that of 51 girls, 41 were definitely averse to beards; only 5 were in favor of chin growth.

The questions for the boys were" What flavor lipstick do you prefer?; How many day's growth of beard do you consider necessary to make you look handsomely primitive?; How many dates can you handle in a week?

Raspberry has the plurality of lipstick flavors with 18 of 88 votes. The other votes were scattered from vanilla to Ipana. Twenty-one voted for no lipstick and one vote was for a permanent and tasteless kind. For the number of days to grow a beard answers ranged from no time at all to 16 years. The range of the number of dates is equally varied--from no dates to one million. The average number of dates for a week was 7 35-45. The most popular song for both boys and girls was "Star Dust." Runners-up included "Imagination," "With the Rain in Your Hair," "Beer Barrel Polka," and "Tuxedo Junction."



Source: The Albrightian, May 3, 1940