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Sadie Hawkins Day: Home

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Sadie Hawkins Day Begins At Sundown November 16 1949

News flash straight from Lower Slobbovia Press correspondent--Albright's annual Sadie Hawkins' Day will be held Thursday, November 17.

This heyday for eligible men and desparate women all began in 1937 in Al Capp's mythical town of Dogpatch when Mayor Hebzebiah Hawkins, in a last attempt to marry off his uncommonly ugly daugther, Sadie, hit upon a scheme that finally ended Sadie's 35 years of singleness. His Honor decreed a footrace to be held between all unwed males and females and ordained that any miserable man caught by a gal must marry her. The Mayor gave the bachelors a head start. Then he fired a second volley for the "howlin" mess of unwed gals to to "a-scheechin and a-clawin" after 'em.

Sadie Hawkins Celebrations usually begin with the proclamation: "Know Yo' All, Wherefore and whereas, Ah proclaims" Yo Gotta Run Ketch or Be Ketched. Whereas if yo' lays yo' achin' unmarried haid in a sack in Dogpatch; and whereas, if you is man or gal, hooman or otherwise; and whereas, if yo' ain't hitched to man, woman, animule, or post; Then yo' is eligibull. Yo' just gotta run--yo' pore mizzable on-happy fools; your mizzable unmarried days is over! Ah proclaims these rules for Sadie Hawkins Day. Signed and sealed (with a gulp) Hebzebiah Hawkins."

Sadie Hawkins Day here will begin at sundown on Wednesday, November 16 with a chase which will last until sundown Thursday. Everyone on campus is expected to be attired in regular Dogpatch style. A Sadie Hawkins Day Dance in Union Hall will culminate a full day's program. More details for the day will be posted soon.

Charlotte Winner, chairman, Nan Heckman, Alma Natanblut, Marilyn Metzger, and Joan Betty Peck will serve as a committee for the activity which is sponsored by the Women's Student Senate.

Source: The Albrightian, November 4, 1949