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Connecting the Past with the Present




Special Collections contains splendid resources for historical, literary and archival research. Many of the collections consist of primary sources which were created by eyewitnesses. First-hand accounts are valuable to the researcher. Frequently these sources were created when an event happened. Although created later, autobiographies and memoirs are also primary sources.

Primary sources include the following:

  • one-of-a-kind items like letters, diaries, journals, photographs, and scrapbooks
  • historic records of an organization like minutes of meetings and annual reports
  • maps
  • artwork and artifacts
  • audio and visual materials like film, audio tapes and video tapes, CDs and DVDs

Primary sources can also be found in publications, like newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, and government documents.

For anyone not able to visit, questions may also be answered by email or telephone.


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