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Teel Hall: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present



Teel Hall, named for Warren Floyd Teel, president of Schuylkill Seminary, Schulylkill College and Albright College (he died suddenly in 1932), was constructed in 1929 for the Evangelical School of Theology. In 1954 Albright College purchased the building when the School of Theology merged with the Bonebrake Seminary and it became the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. The building was named in honor of President Teel and dedicated on September 21, 1954. On October 13, 1957, a faculty-student lounge was dedicated to Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Lee M. Erdman.

Prior to 1954 the second and third floors were residential space for college men and those studying at the seminary. After 1954 it became a women's dormitory. In 1978-79 Teel Hall was renovated so the females had to find other housing.