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Student Honors Papers - 2009: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present




Ashley Allgyer Fair-Value Accounting: Is it Really Fair (2009)
Jessica Bilello The Portrayal of Women in the Novels of Adams, James, and Wharton (2009)
Wanda Brown IFRIS is Here to Stay: The Global Implications of its Adoption on Publicly Listed Companies' Cost/Benefit Analysis (2009)
Kathryn Bryant Art Therapeutic Testing and Personality Qualities Studied in the College Environment (2009)
Mary Burns Effects of Faculty Opinion on Student Use of the Counseling Center (2009)
Amy Defibaugh Her Buddha Body: Liberation of the Yogini through Jouissance (2009)
Heather Hardin The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same: A Business Review of the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Eighteenth, and Twenty-First Amendments (2009)
Brittani Kelly A Qualitative Textual Analysis on the National Autism Society of America and the Berks County Chapter of the Autism Society of America (2009)
Abhishek Kumar Cloning of the Taq Polymerase Gene from Thermus Aquatics into the PUC18 Plasmid (2009)
Maxine Lodato STD Rates in Pennsylvania: An Investigation of Several Factors (2009)
Jaclyn McGuire The Innovative Use of Visuals in Adverstising (2009)
Kathleen Peightel

Jane Austen: Light, Bright, and Here to Stay (2009)

Joseph Polinski Radical Chemistry and PCET: Turning 10-Methylphenylthiazine into a Hydrogen Atom Transfer Agent (2009)
Rebecca Schleicher Love At First Sight: The Evolution of Attraction (2009)

Ashley Secunda

The Comparison of the Histology and Ultrastructure Between Healthy and Abnormal Tissues (2009)
Danielle Smiley Riemann and Lebesgue Integration (2009)
Kimberly Thompson Differing Listening and Memory Skills Between the Sexes (2009)
Elliott Wallace Black Aesthetics in Literature and Music and French Existentialism (2009)
Allyse Wolfinger NASCAR: Still the Stereotypical Southern Sport or Has It Gone Mainstream? (2009)
Kristi Yuszkus Analysis of the Chronological Histo-Pathological Healing Events Occurring in Duodenal Tissue of a Porcine Model (2009)