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Poet, Byron Vazakas, Part 2: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present

Byron Vazakas Papers, MS-020, 1905-1987


Box and Folder Inventory

Box 1

Series 1: Family Series: Immediate family

Folder 1: Biographical information on Byron Vazakas

Folder 2: Concert programs, 1930s

Folder 3: Ballet programs, 1930s

Folder 4: Articles about Byron Vazakas, 1940s

Folder 5: William J. Meter, in honor of Byron Vazakas, 1940s

Folder 6: Selective Service 4-F classification for Byron Vazakas during World War II

Folder 7: Release of financial obligations, Byron Vazakas to his brother, Alexander K. Vazakas, 1945 and 1963

Folder 8: Reflections on Byron Vazakas, by his friend, Murry Knoblauch

Folder 9: Harvard Universityi years, 1950s

Folder 10: Health problems, 1950s and 1960s

Folder 11: Articles about Byron Vazakas, 1960s

Folder 12: Brown University years, 1960s

Folder 13: Living arrangements, 1964

Folder 14: Articles about Byron Vazakas, 1970-1974

Folder 15: Articles about Byron Vazakas, 1975-1979

Folder 16: Incident report about some suspicious activity, 1976

Folder 17: Articles about Byron Vazakas, 1980s-1990s

Folder 18: Checks and receipts

Folder 19: Identification cards and address book

Folder 20: Certificates of copyright on some of Byron Vazakas' works

Folder 21: Death of the poet, 1987

Folder 22: Vital records, 1987

Folder 23: American Express business card, Paris

Folder 24: Alexander K. Vazakas' obituary, 1996

Folder 25: Donald J. Vazakas' obituary, 2000

Folder 26: Richard Dease, 1971

Family Series: Extended family

Folder 27: Document from the General Consulate of Turkey in Vienna about Alfred Aristides Vazakas, 1895

Folder 28: Letter from Alice C. Williams to Alexander Aristides Vazakas, 1956

Folder 29: Letters from Mary J. Peterson to Alexander K. Vazakas and Patricia Hummel, 1996-1997

Folder 30: Duplicate copy of citizenship certificate of Alexander Aristide Vazakas, July 9, 1921

Folder 31: Notebook with outline for Alexander Aristides Vazakas' planned autobiography

Folder 32-35: Chapters 1-4 of the autobiography

Folder 36: Correspondence to Alexander Aristides Vazakas written in Greek

Folder 37: Correspondence between Alexander Aristides Vazakas and Ruth S. Wolfe

Folder 38: Correspondence between Alfried Aristides Vazakas and his brother-in-law, Rev. Paul Theodorff

Folder 39: Three-ring binder, "Alexander Aristides Vazakas: Family history and records of his life"


Box 2:

Family Series: Photographs

Folder 40: Vazakas family

Folder 41: Baby and childhood photographs of Byron and Alex in New York

Folder 42: Childhood in Lancaster and Reading, PA

Folder 43: Byron Vazakas, 1950s-1960s

Folder 44: Byron Vazakas, 1970s-1980s

Folder 45: Byron Vazakas, honorary degree, Albright College, May 24, 1981

Folder 46: Byron Vazakas, family and friends, 1910s-1940s

Folder 47: Friends, 1930s-1940s

Folder 48: Margaret (Keffer) Vazakas and Alfred Vazakas

Folder 49: Keffer and Kuhn family

Folder 50: Paul and Eugenia (Vazakas) Theodorf

Folder 51: Bruno J. Palmer-Poroner

Folder 52: Alexander Aristides Vazakas

Folder 53: Greek soldiers and Alexander Aristides Vazakas' YMCA days in Greece

Folder 54: Alexander Aristides Vazakas' family

Folder 55: Alexander Aristides Vazakas, his wife and his students

Folder 56: Alexander and Eugenia Vazakas, and family

Folder 57: Passports of Alexander Aristides Vazakas, and his wife, Ida (Alleman) Vazakas

Folder 58: Unidentified individuals


Series 3: Published and Unpublished Works Series

Box 3: Poetry subseries

Folder 59: List of Byron Vazakas poems published in periodicals and anthologies

Folder 60-86: Poems 1-209

Folder 87: Photocopies of poems which appeared in Artspeak

Folder 88-90:  Mimeographs and carbon copies of poems

Folder 91-94: Notes on poetry compiled by Byron Vazakas

Folder 95-96: Sets of worksheets for individual poems

Folder 97: Manuscripts and drafts with publication submissions and acceptance

Folder 98: Early poems

Folder 99-100: Later poems

Folder 101: Index and copies of later poems, and locally published poetry, "left out"

Folder 102: Selection of poems from The Equal Tribunals, The Marble Manifesto,  and Transfiguered Night

Folder 103; Poems published in the New York Times, 1962 and 1971-1973

Folder 104: Manuscripts and drafts of nine published poems and eight unpublished works

Folder 105: Unpublished poetry

Folder 106: Vazakas' translation of "A Poor Young Shepherd" by Verlaine


Box 4:

Poetry subseries

Folder 107: The Accordians of Paris, manuscript

Folder 108: The Accordians of Paris, an unpublished volume

Folder 109: The Accordians of Paris, typescript

Folder 110: The Alternative Dream, drafts and manuscript

Folder 111: The Alternative Dream, original typescript and copy

Folder 112: The Alternative Dream, typescript

Folder 113: Arsonist of Memory, drafts

Folder 114: Arsonist of Memory, unpublished volume

Folder 115: Arsonist of Memory, photocopy of transcript

Folder 116: Arsonist of Memory, bound typescript

Folder 117: Intruder in the Painted Air, drafts, notes and typescript

Folder 118: Intruder in the Painted Air, unpublished volume

Folder 119: Intruder in the Painted Air, typescript

Folder 120: Intruder in the Painted Air, photocopies of typescript

Folder 121: The Transient of Evening, drafts

Folder 122: The Transient of Evening, original typescript

Folder 123: The Transient of Evening, unpublished volume

Folder 124: The Transient of Evening, typescript


Box 5: Poetry subseries

Folder 125: Transfigured Night, drafts of introduction written by William Carlos Williams

Folder 126: Transfigured Night, typed manuscript

Folder 127: Transfigured Night, manuscript accepted by the MacMillan Company, 1945

Folder 128: Transfigured Night, galley proofs

Folder 129: Transfigured Night, reviews

Folder 130: The Equal Tribunals, correspondence with publishers

Folder 131: The Equal Tribunals, typed manuscript

Folder 132: The Equal Tribunals, galley proof

Folder 133: The Equal Tribunals, reviews

Folder 134: The Marble Manifesto, correspondence with publishers

Folder 135: The Marble Manifesto, first proof

Folder 136: The Marble Manifesto, worksheets and manuscript

Folder 137: The Marble Manifesto, manuscript

Folder 138: The Marble Manifesto, reviews

Folder 139: Nostalgias for a House of Cards, correspondence with publisher, October House

Folder 140 Nostalgias for a House of Cards, manuscript

Folder 141: Nostalgias for a House of Cards, galley proofs

Folder 142: Nostalgias for a House of Cards, book covers

Folder 143: Nostalgias for a House of Cards, reviews

Folder 144: The Accordians of Paris, correspondence with publishers

Folder 145: The Accordians of Paris, efforts to publish

Folder 146: The Accordians of Paris, typescript

Folder 147: Mention of Byron Vazakas in periodicals, 1939-1957


Box 6: Plays subseries

Folder 148: Byron Vazakas' listing and rating of his plays

Folder 149: The Accusers, first drafts and notes

Folder 150: Arieta on an Antique Theme (unfinished), notes and manuscript. Original title, The Son

Folder 151: Arieta on an Antique Theme (unfinished), typescript. Original title, The Son

Folder 152: The Bottom of the Bottle, typescript

Folder 153: The Cat, manuscript and typescript

Folder 154: Dearest Graveston, notes and two scenes: York and Motivations

Folder 155: Dearest Graveston, notes and manuscript

Folder 156: Dearest Graveston, notes and manuscript

Folder 157: Dearest GravestonI, notes, outline and characterizations

Folder 158: Dearest Graveston, typescript

Folder 159: The Family, edited draft, synopsis and manuscript

Folder 160: The Farmer's Hotel, manuscript

Folder 161: The Final Party, notes, drafts and synopsis of plot

Folder 162: Hellhive, edited copy

Folder 163: How Long the Night, manuscripts

Folder 164: How Long the Night, edited draft, notes and research materials

Folder 165: How Long the Night, typescript

Folder 166: The Intruders, edited copies

Folder 167: The Intruders, typescript

Folder 168: Krupp, edited drafts

Folder 169: The Laurels, edited drafts and synopsis

Folder 170: Lord Tom's Cabin, edited drafts

Folder 171: Lord Tom's Cabin, manuscript

Folder 172: Marlowe, edited drafts

Folder 173: Marlowe, edited drafts

Folder 174: Marlowe, typescript

Folder 175: The Mother, manuscript

Folder 176: The Objector: A Psychodrama, manuscript and notes

Folder 177: The Outlawed, synopsis, notes and edited drafts

Folder 178: The Outlawed, typescript

Folder 179: The Pawns, manuscripts and edited draft


Box 7: Plays subseries

Folder 180: Period Piece: A Frivolity of Heirs, edited draft and notes for the director

Folder 181: Period Piece: A Frivolity of Heirs, typescript

Folder 182: Pianola: A Play, manuscript

Folder 183: Pianola: A Play, typescript

Folder 184: Plan of Escape, manuscript and edited drafts

Folder 185: Plan of Escape, typescript

Folder 186: Writer's Colony, manuscript and edited draft

Folder 187: Notes in drama techniques

Folder 188: Various plays and notes

Folder 189: Articles about the theatrical community


Novels subseries

Folder 190: Attempts to publish, The Key, The Visitor, and The Twins

Folder 191: The Key (unpublished), edited copy

Folder 192: The Key (unpublished), rough draft

Folder 193: The Key (unpublished), off-set printing, pages 1-200

Folder 194: The Key (unpublished), carbon copy, pages 1-200

Folder 195: The Key (unpublished), pages 1-199, missing chapters 15 and 16

Folder 196: The Visitor (unpublished), pages 1-90

Folder 197: The Visitor (unpublished), pages 91-167 

Folder 198: The Visitor (unpublished), pages 168-200

Folder 199: David, notes and manuscript

Folder 200: Hometown (unpublished), A

Folder 201: Hometown (unpublished), B

Folder 202: Hometown (unpublished), C

Folder 203: The Lincoln Diary (finished), The Christmas Present (unfinished), and Money Isn't Everything (unfinished)


Box 8
Essays and Articles subseries:

Writings by Byron Vazakas

Folder 204: Four unpublished essays "School Sketches," 1931

Folder 205: Essay: Dylan Thomas

Folder 206: Essay: Harold Rosenberg

Folder 207: Essay: Pennsylvania Council of the Arts

Folder 208: Essay: Wallace Stevens

Folder 209: Essay: Walt Whitman

Folder 210: Various sketches

Folder 211: Critical essays on poems

Folder 212: Poet as Scientist

Folder 213: Various essays

Folder 214: Articles written by Byron Vazakas for the Historical Review of Berks County

Folder 215: Letters from Charles E. Dureya to Byron Vazakas, and includes photographs and articles

Folder 216: Articles about Vazakas' writing on Berks County

Folder 217: Newspaper articles

Folder 218: The Reading Hospital and Medical Society of Berks County

Folder 219: Reading Museum


Series 4: S.U.N.Y. Series

Folder 220: List of Vazakas materials held at SUNY Buffalo

Folder 221-236: Photocopies of manuscripts, poems 1-98


Box 9

Series 5: Correspondence Series

Individuals subseries

Folder 237: Appeal for recognition as a poet, A

Folder 238: Appeal for recognition as a poet, B

Folder 239: Charels D. Abbot and Eugene Magner, The University of Buffalo

Folder 240: Artspeak

Folder 241: Mildred Jordan Bausher

Folder 242: John H. Beauvais

Folder 243: Bonnie Borelli

Folder 244: Barbara Cernobyl

Folder 245: Copyright permission

Folder 246: E. E. Cummings

Folder 247: Robert A. Davies

Folder 248: Drama

Folder 249: Birthday cards from family

Folder 250: Dick and Betty Eberharf

Folder 251: Envelopes

Folder 252: James Farrell

Folder 253: Mabel Finlay

Folder 254: Kimon Friar

Folder 255: Stanford Gifford, M.D.

Folder 256: Duff Gilford

Folder 257: Horace Gregory

Folder 258: Shirl Halloran

Folder 259: Peter Stevenson Hanke

Folder 260: Dennis J. Hannon

Folder 261: Lt. T. M. Harwell

Folder 262: Jacob Hauser

Folder 263: J. Herbst

Folder 264: David H. Hill

Folder 265-274:  Edwin Honig, 1952-1964; 1977

Folder 275: Dan Hughes

Folder 276: International Mark Twain Society

Folder 277: Ray Koehler

Folder 278: Alfred Kugenborg

Folder 279: Kutztown State College, faculty

Folder 280: Elmer J. LaBranche

Folder 281: Library of Congress

Folder 282: Literary friends, 1937-1947

Folder 283: Literary friends, 1950-1978

Folder 284: Paul Mariani

Folder 285: Ralph Maud

Folder 286: Pearle Mautir

Folder 287: Archibald MacLeish

Folder 288: Kathy McCoy

Folder 289: A. K. McKeugir

Folder 290: William J. Meter

Folder 291: Mrs. George McGow

Folder 292: Richard Moyer and promoting Vazakas' works

Folder 293: Martha and Robert Olsen

Folder 294-312: Bruno Palmer-Poroner, 1941-1976


Box 10

Individuals subseries, continued

Folder 313: Charles H. Philbrick II

Folder 314: Harold Rosenberg

Folder 315: Wallace Stevens and Marianne Moore

Folder 316: Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Folder 317: James M. Riley

Folder 318: Gerhard Rohrig

Folder 319: Jesse and Lois Seigel

Folder 320: Richard W. Shelton

Folder 321: Louis Edaward Sissman

Folder 322: Lawrence Spingarm

Folder 323: Maritta (Wolff) Stegman

Folder 324: Mrs. Jackson W. (Catherine "Katie") Study

Folder 325: Paul Theodorff

Folder 326: Lawrence S. Thompson

Folder 327: unknown senders

Folder 328-349: Alex Vazakas, 1945-1965

Folder 350-351:  Donald Vazakas

Folder 352: Thomas Vazakas

Folder 353: Katherine Wagner

Folder 354: Walt Whitman International Poetry Center

Folder 355-359:  William Carlos Williams

Folder 360: George Yatron

Folder 361: Gus Yatron 

Folder 362: Mike Yatron

Folder 363: Miscellaneous correspondence with friends

Folder 364: Blank post cards and greeting cards

Folder 365: Christmas greeting to Byron Vazakas in shorthand

Folder 366: Stamps

Folder 367: Tax notice from the city of Reading

Folder 368: Alexander Vazakas and Manfred Zitzman,

Folder 369: Alexander Vazakas, and rare book dealers and record dealers, 1984; 1986


National Endowment for the Arts subseries

Folder 370-383: Correspondence with the NEA, 1969-1979; 1981-1983


Box 11

Publishers' subseries

Folder 384: General

Folder 385: Rejections

Folder 386: A

Folder 387: B

Folder 388: C

Folder 389: D

Folder 390: E

Folder 391: F

Folder 392: G

Folder 393: H

Folder 394: I

Folder 395: K

Folder 396: M

Folder 397: N

Folder 398: O

Folder 399: P

Folder 400: R

Folder 401: S

Folder 402: T

Folder 403: U-Z


Series 6: Writers and Artists Series

Folder 404: George Barker

Folder 405-406:  William Baziotes, 1975-1977

Folder 407: Barbara J. Binkley, 1970s

Folder 408: Paul Claudel

Folder 409: George Derwood

Folder 410: Frank Herbert

Folder 411: Edwin Honig

Folder 412: Archibald MacLeish

Folder 413: Paul Mariani

Folder 414: Bruno J. Palmer-Poroner

Folder 415: Peter Quennell

Folder 416: Winfield Scott, newspaper editor

Folder 417: Wallace Stevens

Folder 418: Paul Valery

Folder 419: William Carlos Williams

Folder 420: Maritta (Wolff) Stegman


Series 7: Grants and Fellowships Series

Folder 421: General

Folder 422: Guggenheim Fellowship in Poetry, 1969-1970

Folder 423: Amy Lowell Fellowship

Folder 424: International Poetry Forum, 1972

Folder 425: Yaddo, Bread Loaf, and MacDowell Colony, 1950, 1962 and 1965 


Box 12:

Series 8: Public Readings

Folder 426-429:  Albright College

Folder 430: Readings, 1940s-1970s

Folder 431: Poetry in the Schools, 1972-1973

Folder 432: Brandeis University

Folder 433: First Unitarian-Universalist Church, Reading, PA

Folder 434: Harvard University

Folder 435: Kutztown State College

Folder 436: Reading Public Museum

Folder 437: Radio

Folder 438: Tennessee Williams

Folder 439: Byron Vazakas' timed readings


Series 9: Clippings saved by Byron Vazakas

Folder 440: First published poems in The Galleon, 1934-1935

Folder 441: Various articles from Artspeak about Byron Vazakas

Folder 442: Scrapbook of Vazakas' poems

Folder 443: Scrapbook of Vazakas' poems dedicated to Bruno Palmer-Poroner, February 5, 1942

Folder 444-446: Poems and essays, 1930s-1980s


Box 13

Folder 447-450: Poems and essays, 1930s-1980s

Folder 451-453: General

Folder 454-457: Clippings, 1950s-1980s

Folder 458: Arts and homosexulaity

Folder 459: Books and publishing

Folder 460: Crime, Reading, PA

Folder 461: "Poets as Artists and Rebels"

Folder 462: Literary agents and publishers

Folder 463: Poetry and magazines

Folder 464: Quotations

Folder 465: Sale brochures

Folder 466: Spies

Folder 467: Theatre


Box 14

Series 10: Manfred Zitzman Series

Folder 468: Indexes to Vazakas' poems, and copies of uncollected poems compiled by Manfred Zitzman

Folder 469: Manfred Zitzman's index to the Vazakas papers

Folder 470-473:  Books in Vazakas' personal library compiled by Manfred Zitzman, 1990

Folder 474: List of 68 new poems discovered by Manfred Zitzman

Folder 475: Byron Vazakas' publications

Folder 476: Titles and first lines of Vazakas' poems, and list of periodicals ni which poems were published, some of which were used by Dr. Patricia Hummel in writing her dissertation

Folder 477: Copies of Vazakas' letters Zitzman acquired from Yale University

Folder 478: "Some Recollections of Byron Vazakas," by Manfred Zitzman, 1990

Folder 479: Press release, "A Night in Fullerton," February 6, 1989

Folder 480: Taped interview of Lloyd Eshbach by Zitzman, and his letter to Maritta (Wolff) Stegman, 1990

Folder 481: Tape recordings: (1) Byron Vazakas' readings at Albright College, 1976 and 1983. (2) Manfred Zitzman and Alexander Vazakas

Folder 482: Correpondence between Zitzman and Ethel Baziotes

Folder 483: Correpondence between Zitzman and the English Department, Fleetwood High School

Folder 484: Correpondence between Zitzman and William Hannaford

Folder 485: Correpondence between Zitzman and Eugene Lubot

Folder 486: Correpondence between Zitzman and Bruno Palmer-Poroner

Folder 487: Correpondence between Zitzman and publishers and individuals to acquire copies of Vazakas' letters

Folder 488: Correpondence between Zitzman and President David Ruffer

Folder 489-491: Correspondence between Zitzman and Alexander Vazakas

Folder 492: Posthumous correspondence about Vazakas with Zitzman

Folder 493: Correspondence between Ed Bell and William Hannaford

Folder 494: Correspondence between William Hannaford and Bruno Palmer-Poroner

Folder 495: Zitzman's acquisition of copies of Vazakas' letters from Yale University and SUNY Buffalo

Folder 496: Authorization by Alexander Vazakas to Zitzman to make copies of Vazakas' materials, 1989

Folder 497: Copies of releases giving Albright College the rights to the Byron Vazakas poems, letters, and other materials

Folder 498: Articles written by Manfred Zitzman


Manfred Zitzman Series, continued

Box 15

Complete poems, card file, compiled by Manfred Zitzman


Manfred Zitzman Series, continued

Box 16

Letters, card file, compiled by Manfred Zitzman

Series 11

Boxes 17-19

Books from Vazakas' library including dictionaries, thesauri, fiction and his own published works


Series 12: Oversized Series

Box 20

Folder 499: Certificate for Byron Vazakas' first communion

Folder 500: Poster announcing Byron Vazakas reading his poems at Harvard University

Folder 501: Picture of members of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, including Aaron T. C. Keffer, who was Byron Vazakas' grandfather