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The Archives of Albright College: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present



Albright's College Archives

The Archives is dedicated to preserving the history of Albright College. The Archives documents the life of the college by collecting materials created by students, faculty and administrators.The materials have enduring value related to the history of the college, and the materials are open for students to study and think critically to understand issues, both of society and the culture of the times.

Below are listed general groups of records housed in the College Archives collection.

Administrative Records: These records provide information about how the college operates. Included are records from the Trustees, the Office of the President, Academic Affairs and the Provost, Financial Services, and academic department records.

Academic Life: Records of the Curriculum Committee show course development and college catalogs reveal the curriculum. Faculty papers show their research interests. Student honors theses show both research interests and collaboration with faculty.

Student Life: Scrapbooks, photograph albums, journals provide a glimpse into the past of the college's undergraduates. Records date back to the 1850s. Students use of their literary, photographic, and journalistic creativity are revealed in student publications, like The Albrightian and AGON.

The archival photograph collection has approximately 40,000 images dating from the 1890s from Union Seminary and Central Pennsylvania College at New Berlin, Schuylkill Seminary at Fredericksburg, Schuylkill College at Reading, and Albright College at both Myerstown and Reading. The images depict events, student activities, the campus, traditions, and members of the college community.