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ART 107 : Modern Art, Methodologies and Practices - Spring 2016: Resources in Art

Resources in Art

Starry Night
Vincent Van Gogh, The Starry Night, 1889,
Museum of Modern Art, New York City

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Welcome to the LibGuide for Art 107!
This LibGuide is a handy place to start your research and a good place to visit to keep up with library changes.

Use the tabs above to find journal articles, ebooks, print books, websites, and other resources.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for this guide!

Online Art Reference

Critical Terms for Art History Critical Terms for Art History - Robert S. Nelson (Editor); Richard Shiff (Editor)
Essays cover a wide variety of "loaded" terms in the history of art, from sign to meaning, ritual to commodity. Each essay explains and comments on a single term, discussing the issues the term raises and putting the term into practice as an interpretive framework for a specific work of art.
Bloomsbury Guide to Art
Bloomsbury Guide to Art - Shearer West
Entries on: individual artists; art, architecture and design terminology; countries and their cultural significance; theoretical concepts; and mythological and religious subjects and symbols.
Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms
Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms - Edward Lucie-Smith
Covers painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, the decorative, applied and graphic arts from all periods throughout the world up to the present day: there is a table of the dynasties of Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, China, India and Japan.
The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists

The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Art and Artists - Herbert Read; Nikos Stangos

A cross-referenced dictionary with coverage on artists, paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, schools and movements, including essential information on contemporary art and artists and on techniques, materials, terms, and writers who have influenced artists.