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Religion and Animals: Books


Something to Consider about Books -- Although the library owns a book, it doesn't mean the book qualifies as academic. Use the hints below  to determine if the book is scholarly/ academic or popular.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

Who is the author and is s/he an expert? Read the book jacket or information often located in the beginning or end of the book. Try Google or Amazon to see what else the author might have written and to check his affiliation. Check the online catalog to see if the library has other items written by the author.

Who is the publisher? Do they have a specialty? University presses, some societies, and some associations usually publish academic titles, but some other publishers do as well. Visit their website to see their focus.

Is there a bibliography, references or footnotes?

What is the language of the book? Is it technical or is it for the general public.

Is it well-organized with a clear structure? Does it have a preface, a table of contents, an introduction, an index?

Finding Books in the Library

To find books and AV materials at Albright, check our CataLION (Online Public Access Catalog).

cataLION search tips:

  • The cataLION online catalog searches like Google. It tries to match as many of your terms as possible with the best matches appearing on the first pages.
  • The database will do automatic truncation, both left and right, so truncation symbols are not needed.  E.g., typing in rain will find both rainfall and brain.
  • The database is searchable by title, author, subject or keyword options.  When searching by keyword mode only input the keywords and ignore the prepositions, articles, etc to make the search more efficient.
  • To do a more comprehensive search, use the CataLION advanced search

Alert--Accessing the Print Collection

Access to the library's print collection is limited. However, if you need an item, you can either place a hold in the online catalog or email the Library Reference Desk at with the book information including the call number and the last possible date when you can use it. We will collect these requests and whenever we get access to the library, we will bring the to the Computing and Math building. We will notify you when the item(s) are available for checkout.


  • Ebsco eBook Collection
    A collection of electronic books in all subject areas. Coverage dates vary.
  • ProQuest Ebook Central
    Ebook Central provides online access to scholarly e-books in all subject areas. You can read books online or download them. Coverage varies.