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ACC 331 --Tax Accounting for Business: Finding Cases, Articles & News Stories



Finding Articles

Finding Cases

Nexis lets you "Shepardize" a case to help you find other cases that might have cited your original case, whether your case is still good law or has been amended.

Nexis -- Ways to Search

Guided Search

Select Cases and Jurisdiction.

Enter terms in the search box.

Limit by Date if appropriate.

Click Search.  

Example: Medical Practice Solutions, LLC v. Comr., 132 T.C. 125 (2009).


Get a Doc Assistance by Citation

Select Content Type.

Select Jurisdiction. 

Fill in the Number Boxes.

Click Get Document.  

Example: McNamee v. Comr, 488 F. 3d 100 (2nd Cir 2007)


Get A Doc Assistance by Party Name

Fill in the Party Boxes.

Select Jurisdiction. (optional)

Limit by Date if appropriate.

Click Search.  

Example: Littriello v. United States 484 F. 3d 372 (6th Cir 2007)