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POL 440/PUH 440 -- Global Governance (Fall 2021): Books

Research Process

  • Choose a topic
  • Do background research
  • Create a research question or thesis statement
  • Search for information
  • Evaluate information

Background Materials & Overviews

A Word about the Gingrich Library

Library Services is currently housed in the Center for Computing and Mathematics (CCM). While the reference collection and a small circulating collection are located there, the majority of the circulating collection is located in a warehouse off-campus. If you need a book that is in the warehouse, you can place a hold on it, and library staff will retrieve it for you.

Placing a Hold

If you want to place a hold for an item that is on a list, click the Place a Hold link that appears under the item. If you have clicked on an individual item, the Place a Hold link is on the right hand side of the screen.

Log in with your LionLINK credentials.

To complete the process, click Confirm Hold.

Albright Catalog Holdings

If doing a basic keyword search yields too many items, try searching for your words as subject headings. A sample of relevant subject heading phrases includes:

  • global governance
  • globalization (global*)
  • international cooperation
  • environmental governance
  • public health--international cooperation

You can search any topic and add international cooperation, e.g., crime international cooperation

In searching our catalog, LESS is MORE. Ignore words like and, the, in, of.

Searching for EBooks

Other Libraries

The same combinations of keywords can be used to search WorldCat.