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Library Policies

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Display & Exhibit Policy

Policy Statement

The Library endorses the concept of intellectual freedom in creating library exhibits and displays. We encourage college organizations and staff to use library facilities to create exhibits and displays that are educational and of interest to all library patrons including students, faculty, staff and the community. Displays should be timely enhancements to the curriculum or culture of the College. This policy may be adjusted to include any display space created in the future.

Display/Exhibit Guidelines

  1. The designated display spaces for rotating exhibits in the library currently consists of the right half of the display box (29.5" L x 42" W) located on the wall immediately inside the front door and the freestanding display case (33" x 70" x 10") located on the main floor of the library.
  2. The Library, or other college academic departments, administrative departments, student clubs and classes may create a display.
  3. Groups who would like to reserve space for a display, should consult with the library Outreach Services Librarian to find out when the display areas are available. Space is available on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Displays typically include books the library owns or photos or "realia" items relevant to the display. Descriptions of items, labels and captions are created by the group mounting the exhibit and are usually printed from a computer and mounted on cardstock or stiff paper.
  5. The Library, via the Outreach Services Librarian, can provide colored fabric to line the free-standing display case or the hanging case, assistance in locating materials and formatting text or with general display appeal.
  6. Groups are encouraged to create reading lists of Albright Library materials that enhance each exhibit.
  7. Generally, acceptable displays are those that enhance the curriculum or the culture of the College. The library especially supports themes involving information literacy, library resources, and college history. Themes should be timely and educational. The library reserves the right to approve all themes as they are being scheduled

Removal Guidelines

  1. Normally an exhibit will be displayed for a maximum of 4 weeks, as long as there are no other requests for the display case during that time. If a group signs out a display case for one month, and then another group later requests the case for that same month, the first group will be asked to limit their exhibit to the first two weeks of the month, and the second group will be permitted to display their exhibit during the final 2 weeks of the month.
  2. All items will be removed by library staff and the sponsoring group will be notified to pick up any personal items.
  3. Library items in a display may be removed and circulated to Albright students, faculty or staff.


Effective Date:April 3, 2006
Last Revised: January 20, 2014