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Library Policies

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Posting Policy

Policy Statement

The Library endorses the concept of intellectual freedom in advertising college events and encourages college organizations to use library facilities to advertise their activities.

Posting Guidelines

  1. All designated posting areas in the library lobby (part of the bulletin board and the entire bulletin strip) may be used by faculty, students and staff to post college related events and issues.
  2. All other postings, inside and outside and inside the library, must be approved and hung by an authorized library staff member and will be restricted to library-related issues.
  3. Materials that are obscene, socially inappropriate, inflammatory, discriminatory, intimidating, or which are offensive to the prevailing standards of an academic community are prohibited.
  4. All materials for general information must include a date posted and the name of the posting department/person or student organization/person.

Removal Guidelines

  1. All items posted in restricted areas will be removed by the library staff.
  2. The library endorses the concept of intellectual freedom and discourages anyone from removing signs for college-sponsored events before the event date has passed.
  3. All departments/student organizations that post materials are responsible for removing the materials in a timely fashion. All posters for events which have already passed may be removed.
  4. Any materials that do not have an identified student organization/department source may be removed if it is not hung in an appropriate area of the lobby.


Effective Date: March 1, 2005
Last Revised: January 20, 2014