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The HRC or Holocaust Resource Center is a collection of over 3300  books and video, sound and computer titles dealing with all aspects of the rise of Nazi Germany, World War II, genocide, the Holocaust and Jewish literature, as well as over 3 dozen taped interviews with survivors and liberators. These materials can be located in advanced search by selecting holocaust book or holocaust media as type in the online catalog. Most of the HRC books are located on the second and third floors of the library, shelved with the rest of the general circulating books; selected reference books, all juvenile books and audiovisual materials are located in the Holocaust Resource Center on the second floor.

HRC Borrowers' Policy

HRC borrowers are welcome to use the library's Holocaust collection within the library. The following information is provided for those wishing to borrow materials with the Holocaust designation.

Who may apply?

Anyone from the community may apply for borrowing privileges by presenting current photo identification.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to anyone to obtain a HRC borrowers card.

How long does a registration to the HRC last?

HRC borrowing cards are issued for one year and patrons are restricted to borrowing HRC designated items. Patrons will be asked to present a driver's license or other photo ID card in order to join. If services are needed beyond a single year and the patron is in good standing with the library, the membership can be renewed. The HRC borrowing card must be retained since there is a $5 fee charged for a replacement card if the last one was issued less than 5 years previously.

Does the HRC card allow the patron borrow items from other areas?

Patrons who wish to borrow non-Holocaust items, must join the Library Society of Albright College. More information on the circulation privileges of this Friends group is available online.

When do borrowing privileges begin?

Borrowing privileges can begin immediately after completing and signing the registration form and receiving a bar coded Courtesy Library Card. This borrowing card must be presented at the Circulation Desk whenever materials are checked out.

HRC hours are 3:30 pm-6:30 pm Monday through Thursday.

What materials circulate? What are the loan periods?

HRC borrowers may charge up to six circulating HRC books for 28 days and/or 6 media items for 14 days. Materials are loaned for 28 days and may be renewed twice, in person or online. Materials currently on reserve have a 3 hour loan period and must be used in the library.

Non-circulating materials for HRC members include reference books, periodicals, microforms, special collections materials, popular reading & DVD collections and media (except for our Holocaust Center Library media).

What happens if materials are returned late?

The overdue fine for circulating books is $.10 per day for Holocaust designated books. Fines for overdue media are .50 per day with a $10.00 cap.  Overdue and fine notices are issued as a courtesy to our borrowers. It is the borrower's responsibility to check the due date stamped on each item. A fine may be incurred before the notice is received. Borrowers should check their accounts for due dates and frequency of notices.   Borrowers also will be blocked from further borrowing if they have outstanding fines.

What is a recall?

A recall is a request made by an Albright faculty/staff  member to retrieve material charged to another borrower.

Materials charged to non faculty/staff  borrowers that are recalled are due upon receipt of the notice. There is a grace period of two business days before fines accrue.  Notices specifying the new due date will be issued when items are recalled. Penalties (fines) of $5 per day will accrue for litems returned after the grace period.

Students do not have recall privileges, however,  they may make an ILL request for the needed item or the item may be  placed  on hold for the next available copy.

Recalled items are due upon receipt of the recall notice. there is a grace period of two business days before fines accrue.  Notices specifying the new due date will be issued when items are recalled. Penalties (fines) of $5 per day will accrue for late returns

What other costs may be incurred?

Borrowers are charged replacement costs and processing fees for lost items. Replacement costs vary depending on the item, although there is a minimum of a $65 replacement cost per item. Damage costs will be assessed depending on the condition of the item.

HRC Services

HRC patrons can use the Albright College Library's services and materials in the library when it is open. All general services as listed in college services for non-students apply for Holocaust Resource Center patrons in addition to those provided by the Holocaust Resource Center.

Effective Date: August 20, 2005
Last Reviewed: January 9, 2014
Last Revised: January 9, 2014