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Library Policies

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Circulation: Visitors

Mission Statement

The Albright College Library is open to the community at large and selected services are available to non-Albright community people. Anyone who follows the Gingrich Library Conduct Policy may use the facilities for personal research or study. The Gingrich Library offers access to the broad array of academic materials to those who come through our doors.


  • To allow community patrons the ability to use internally the general resources of the Albright Library while visiting the Library. These include using most of the books and periodicals .
  • To assist community patrons in finding the college-level information they need via online or in person reference service. This support may be restricted or curtailed if it interferes with the ability of the library staff to supply our primary constituency.
  • To allow alumniACLCP membersLibrary Society and Holocaust patrons the ability to borrow selected materials directly and to encourage the community visitor to borrow Albright Library materials through their local public library via Interlibrary Loan.

Service Priorities

  • Specific services have differing priorities and selected services are open to the public. The services that are restricted to Albright students, faculty and staff are:
    • Requesting items via interlibrary loan
    • Requesting group study space
    • Requesting the use of media designated for curriculum support
    • Requesting to borrow equipment
    • Using the library computers
  • Other services may be curtailed if they are used excessively or improperly, e.g., printing, viewing or photocopy microforms, requests for special collections materials or research, etc.
  • Since the college does not filter its computers, it is required that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they wish to use the library research computers. Anyone under 18 unaccompanied by a parent or guardian will not be allowed to use the computers.

Accompanying Documents & Procedures

Effective Date: August 20, 2005
Last Revised: January 9, 2014
Last Reviewed: January 9, 2014