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Collection Management Policy

Mission Statement

The purpose of this collection management policy is to inform library staff, faculty and users of the principles that guide decisions concerning the acquisition and management of the Gingrich Library collection. Budget considerations, space limitations, and changes in the ways that users access information all contribute to the shape of the library's collection. These ever-changing factors necessitate the creation of a flexible policy that can respond and adapt to the needs of our users and serve as a guide to facilitate the decision-making process.


  • To support the mission of Albright College, which is "to inspire and educate the scholar and leader in each student, building on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and a commitment to the best of human values, fostering a commitment to a lifetime of service and learning."
  • To support the mission of the Albright College Library, which is to provide the resources that meet the information needs of students and faculty.

Collection Priorities

  • The complete collection priorities and explanations appear in the full Albright College Collection Management Policy.
  • Gingrich Library serves approximately 2,000 students and over 100 full-time faculty. While the library is open and accessible to the general public, the primary service community consists of the students, faculty and staff of Albright College. The needs of these primary users will always be at the forefront of collection management decisions.
  • All subject areas essential to a liberal arts education as defined in the mission statement of Albright College are collected.
  • Materials will be collected at a level appropriate to the undergraduate curriculum (general support) or at the graduate level (introductory research) if the material is specifically to support that program.
  • Collection priority will be given to support departmental course offerings and programs, concentrations and co-concentrations currently offered. Faculty and library staff recommendations to the Collection Management Librarian in these areas will constitute the core collection focus.
  • Unsolicited requests submitted to the Suggestion Box and through the online form to Recommend a Book Purchase will be considered.
  • All donated items must meet the same criteria for inclusion as any purchased material.
  • Materials will be collected in all formats. The Library staff, in consultation with the faculty, will determine the best format for the material.
  • The library recognizes the value of providing recreational materials for the enjoyment and the enrichment of the Albright community. These materials will be purchased as the budget allows.
  • Gingrich Library supports the principles set forth in the ALA Library Bill of Rights and adopted by the ACRL Intellectual Freedom Committee. Selection and preservation issues are decided without partisanship regarding matters of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political or moral philosophy. The library strives to present a variety of perspectives on subjects that may be considered controversial.
  • Materials added to Special Collections, Holocaust Resource Center and the Curriculum Library have more specific specifications for inclusion.


Effective Date: August 20, 2005
Last Revised: October 3, 2005
Last Reviewed: August 22, 2011