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Library Policies

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Interlibrary Loan Polcy

Mission Statement

The Interlibrary Loan Department borrows the materials our students, faculty and staff cannot locate at Albright College. The term "material" includes all formats, i.e., books, photocopies, videos, CDs, DVDs etc. We strive to quickly locate and borrow those needed materials that are not available in our collection. We use technology whenever possible to provide information in a timely manner and keep our patrons informed of the progress of the loan transaction. We are ever mindful of properly and carefully handling the valuable items we borrow and ask that the patrons who request these materials also carefully handle the materials.

And, because we could not offer this service without the generosity and cooperation of many local and distant libraries, we gladly share our resources with other institutions. The Library endorses the guidelines of the American Library Association's Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States(html) and the Pennsylvania Interlibrary Loan Code (pdf). As with the circulation records of libraries, Interlibrary Loan requests are confidential.


  1. To borrow materials for research for our students, faculty and staff.
  2. To borrow materials for non-research needs for our students, faculty and staff.
  3. To lend materials to other libraries.
  4. To refer patrons who are not Albright students, faculty and staff to the appropriate library that can meet their needs.

Service Priorities

  1. Helping students borrow research information they need from other libraries.
  2. Helping faculty borrow research information they need from other libraries.
  3. Helping staff borrow research information they need from other libraries.
  4. Helping students, faculty and staff borrow non-research information they need from other libraries.
  5. Lending materials to other institutions.