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Library Policies

Site for all library main policies and procedures

Additional Assistance

There are several offices on campus that can help patrons with special needs and that can answer questions about college services and facilities. You are encouraged to contact the following offices if you need assistance:

Academic Support

Academic Technologies & Media Services
  610-921-7827 (STAT line
      classroom support)

Disability Services

Information Technology Help Desk

Library Circulation

Library Reference

Public Safety
  or x311

ADA Library Access Guidelines

Gingrich Library Guidelines for Access to People with Disabilities

The Gingrich Library is an older building that may not be easily accessible to people with special physical needs. Staff will gladly assist in retrieving any materials that patrons cannot access. If at any time you need assistance, please ask at the Library Reference Desk or Circulation Desk.

  • Parking: The college provides designated handicapped parking spaces at the upper end (south end) of the main parking lot. Enter the driveway from Bern Street about 25 yards from the intersection of 13th and Bern Streets.

  • Access: The library has 2 ways to enter:
    • General access -- To access the library, walk up the steps on the east side (rear) of the Library/Administration building and enter the lobby. Proceed through the second set of doors to locate the library's main floor that houses the circulation and reference desks, photocopiers, and Internet computers.
    • Restricted elevator access for persons with physical handicaps -- To access the library via the elevator, proceed up the walkway to the east side (rear) of the Library Administration building (the side away from 13th Street and next to Selwyn Hall). Use the push plate to activate the handicap door activation switch and enter the building. The elevator is to your right at the end of the short hallway. Pressing M will take you to the library's main floor that houses the circulation and reference desks, photocopiers, and Internet computers. Turn right as you exit the elevator, through the doorway and proceed to the door at the end of the short hallway. The Reference and Circulation Desks are through the door to the left.

      The elevator is generally available Monday-Friday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm. If you plan to use the facilities at other times, please call the Reference Desk (610-921-7211) or the Circulation Desk (610-921-7517) in advance to be sure that the outside door leading to the elevator and the elevator itself are unlocked and accessible. Library staff will take responsibility for calling the security office to make sure the door is unlocked. The existing elevator measures 45 in. (wide) x 36 in. (deep) x 90 in. (tall)). Because the third floor is a later addition to the building, the elevator does not go to that floor. Staff intervention will be needed to retrieve any materials that patrons cannot access.

  • Assistive Technology: The Gingrich Library provides the following assistive technology machines and software:
    • Screen reader software that converts any webpage into an audio format, useful not only for persons with sight problems, but also for those with learning disabilities.  The Naturalreader software are installed in the Assistive Technology area.  One computer in the Media Classroom also has Naturalreader software installed. 
    • Screen enhancement software allows the page to be enlarged regardless of the css formatting that controls the page.  Zoomtext is the software used to provide this service beyond that already built into Windows.
    • Conversion of audio files to text is provided by the WorkQ/SpeakQ software that is in the process of being installed.
    • The Ambassador Pro Reading Machine (behind the wall) will scan a page of text and a synthesized voice will read the page to the user. This machine is also able to save scanned pages as text documents.
    • The Optelec Video Magnifier 517XL (behind the wall) has the capability to enlarge an image (or object) up to 10 times its original size and displays the magnification in full color, selected color, and in black and white.
    The Reference Desk staff provides limited help in the use of these machines.

  • Staff Assistance: Library staff will be happy to retrieve whatever materials are needed for any patron needing assistance. Many of our materials are located on the third floor which is not serviced by the elevator. In addition, the height of library shelving prevents easy access for those using wheelchairs. In the event that the patron cannot reach the first floor of the library, arrangements will be made with the Public Safety Office to allow access to the conference area opposite the cashier's window on the ground floor of the Library Administration Building in order to use library materials that stay in the building.
  • Emergency Phone: If you arrive at the building and the elevator access door is locked, there is an emergency phone located near the building on a light standard in front of White Chapel for your use. To connect to the library, dial 7517. For the Public Safety Office, dial 7670.

In order to best serve you, we ask that you contact the library at 610-921-7211 to insure that the staff and materials you need are available and that the elevator and Internet access are working properly.

Effective Date: August 20, 2005
Last Revised : October 6, 2013