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AC Code of Conduct

Albright College Code of Conduct -- Statement of Principle

"Albright College seeks to provide students with an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to critical analysis, problem solving, and the leadership skills required to translate what is learned into effective action. Students at Albright College are both citizens and members of the academic community. As citizens, students enjoy the freedoms of speech, peaceful assembly, and the right to petition. However, as members of the academic community, they are subject to certain obligations, which accrue to them by virtue of this membership. The success of an academic community in a residential setting depends upon the willingness of individuals to associate together in such a way that individual freedom and responsible order coexists. As a socially responsible academic community, Albright College seeks a structure within which individual freedom may flourish without jeopardizing the requirements of an academic community and without becoming so self-centered that the resulting environment damages the very freedom it was intended to support. Representative student input will always be solicited in developing policies governing student conduct. This Student Code of Conduct balances the rights and responsibilities of the individual with those of the College. It also recognizes that rights and responsibilities are separate entities, yet one cannot exist without the other. To promote the optimum learning by everyone within the community of this campus, all must adhere to principles that support these goals. The principles outlined in the Student Code of Conduct describe the rights and responsibilities of which each community member must be aware."