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Display Case Exhibit Request Form

This exhibit/display request is coming from a(n) Individual Group

The main requestor is an Albright: Student Faculty/Staff Alumni Other

Contact information for the main requestor:


Telephone number:

Email address

Title of proposed exhibit:

How does this exhibit serve the curriculum of Albright College?

Dates requested:

Library Materials Requested:

I certify that I will be responsible for setting up the exhibit on the day assigned by the library as well as for removing my materials on the designated tear down day. If, for any reason, I cannot meet this obligation, I will notify the library at least one month before the designated start date of the exhibit. If a situation arises in which I cannot meet this obligation within 30 days of the assigned start date, I will notify the library immediately and make every effort to find a substitute who can set up my exhibit. I understand that I cannot hold the library or the college responsible for the maintenance of any personal items I choose to include in the display.