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Library Policies

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Reserve Department Policy

Please consult these guidelines when placing an item on reserve. The complete Reserve Procedure is also available online.

General Guidelines

  1. ONLY ONE COPY of copyrighted photocopied material may be placed on Reserve.
  2. Due to space limitations, reserve items not protected by copyright (personal/library copies, personally produced materials) are limited to 1 copy / every 10 students.
  3. The Library reserves the right to check the amount of material copied and consult with the professor as to possible copyright infringement. Anyone who has any questions about copyright should contact the Head of Circulation or the Chair of Library Services.
  4. Library procedures for processing reserves are detailed in the "Procedure for Placing Materials on Reserve."


  1. Photocopying of copyrighted material may be permissible for library reserve use if all four Section 107 Fair Use factors are met:
    • Purpose and character of use
    • Nature of the work
    • Amount and substantiality of the portion used
    • Affect upon the potential market for the work
  2. Copying that is permitted includes:
    • Spontaneous copying - i.e., the time period between the decision to copy and the need to use the work is short.
    • A single copy for research or teaching of a chapter from a book; an article from a periodical or newspaper, a short story, essay, or poem or; a chart, graph, diagram, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical, or newspaper.
  3. Copying that is NOT PERMITTED:
    • Material used from term to term, if the materials are the same each term.
    • Material used for more than one course in the school.
    • Material substituted for the buying of the book, periodical or reprint.
    • Material taken from textbooks.
    • Material used to create or take the place of an anthology or collected work.
    • Material that exceeds three excerpts from the same collective work or periodical volume during one class term - or that exceeds 10 % of the total work.
    • Material that exceeds one short poem, article, story or essay or two excerpts from the same author or source.
    • Material of or from works intended to be consumable (i.e. worksheets).
    • Material that is directed to be used by a higher authority (dept. chair, VP, etc.) that violate copyright.
  4. If the material will be used for multiple terms, please contact the Library for an order form so that the material may be purchased and placed in the Library or the copyright clearance fees paid.

Library Copies of Books/Media

Any book or AV media owned by the College may be placed on Reserve for use in the Library. Entire journal issues/volumes need the permission of the Head of Circulation.

Personal copies of Books/Media

Materials owned by a professor may be placed on Reserve. All reasonable efforts to protect the materials will be made (a removable label with a security target and barcode will be placed on the front cover of the material).

Student-written materials

Materials produced by students that are placed on Reserve must be accompanied by a completed Release of Student Papers form.

Last updated on January 20, 2014