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Reserve Procedures

Reserve Procedures

The purpose of the reserve service is twofold; it is intended to make available materials assigned as REQUIRED reading for an entire class and also to make available special materials for visiting speakers, experience courses, etc.

The Reserve Department will abide by the copyright guidelines of U.S. Public Law PL 94-553. Copyright regulations are often stricter for library reserve than for classroom copying, thus the restrictions on reserve may not apply to classroom copying.

Please take note of the Reserve Guidelines before submitting an item to be placed on Reserve.

Accepting Materials for Reserve

  1. All materials for Reserve must be accompanied by a completed form "Reserve processing sheet". Sheets are available online, at the Circulation Desk. Professors should allow two working days for reserve processing. Although every effort will be taken to ensure prompt processing, the Library cannot guarantee that any materials will be available in less than 2 working days.
  2. Accurate citations for all reserve materials are needed. The title given by the professor is used if at all possible - this title will show in the Online Catalog and in the printed list of materials on Reserve. Item(s) need to be cited identically to the students and to the Library. The Library reserves the right to amend the title slightly if two nearly identical titles are given (i.e. "Back Tests" becomes "Back test 1" and "Back Test 2"; "Solutions Manual" becomes "Student Guide to ..." and "User Guide to ..."). Library -owned materials can only be listed as they are found in the Online Catalog, although optional titles can be added to the OPAC.
  3. All materials on Reserve will be given a brightly colored removable label with a security tag and a barcode if they do not already have one. Every effort is made to remove the tags carefully, but they do not remove cleanly on some materials.

Circulating Reserves

  1. Materials will be loaned in the same manner as books. The patron must have a Library Card in order to charge out materials.
  2. The circulation time periods are determined by the professor placing the item(s) on reserve:
    • 3 hour--items circulate in the library for 3 hour time periods
    • Overnight--items circulate in the library for 3 hour time periods until 2 hours before closing time at which time they may leave the library  overnight; items are due 1 hour after opening the next business day
    • 3 day-items circulate for 3 days at a time
    • 24 business hours
  3. Overdue Reserves are charged at a rate of $.50 per hour for hourly reserves up to $10 and $1 day for daily reserves up to $10.
  4. The system keeps a count of the number of times a specific piece is checked out. This information will be shared with the professor when it is removed from reserve.

Removing Materials from Reserve

  1. Reserves will be available until the final exam is over or by a date determined by the professor.
  2. Reserve items are removed at the end of each term and personal copies returned, unless other arrangements are made with the Head of Circulation. Personal photocopies, books, or other materials will be prepared for return and the professor notified within 3 weeks after the end of the Semester.
  3. If the professor is unavailable or unable to pick up the material within 7 days of notification, the material will be personally returned to the department office.  

         Last revised January 20, 2014