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Mathematics: Journal Articles


Quick Tips

In order to find the best resources, follow these basic steps to develop a concise research strategy.

  1. Create research question -- Has the ethics of whistleblowing changed since the Enron scandal (2001)

  2. Select the concepts -- ethics, whistleblowing, Enron

  3. Pick the keywords for the concepts -- ethics, ethical, moral, morals, whistleblowers, whistleblowing, Enron

  4. Use Boolean operators to combine them (after adjusting for truncation)
    line 1 - ethic* or moral or morals (don't want the keyword morale)
    line 2 - whistleblow*
    line 3 - Enron (or consider searching for items written after 2001)

Journal Resources

    • Academic Search CompleteA multidisciplinary database including thousands of fulltext articles.
    • JSTOR, a pdf archive of journal articles in various subject areas. Because it is an "archive," there are no current articles.
    • Science Direct, College Edition, covers the physical, life and health sciences, with many full text articles. A quick search is available as well as a basic search.
    • Search the Library's Journal Locator on the library home page for Physical Science & Mathematics journals by clicking the "Journals" tab in LION One Search and using the "Browse collection by discipline" link.