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SOC 450 -- White Collar Crime/Elite Deviance: Selecting a Topic

White Collar Crime/Elite Deviance

Getting Started

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Browsing the Shelf

Going to the shelf and browsing can be an effective way to find a topic. Items shelved at 364.1-364.168 deal with white collar and corporate crimes. Check tables of contents and indexes to locate possible topics.

Subject Specific Encyclopedias

A good encyclopedia can provide beginning researchers with the following:

  • an overview of a topic and its various aspects
  • the vocabulary associated with the topic
  • the names of important people, companies or places,
  • a bibliography to lead to other relevant items on the topic, including major studies, books, articles and researchers

Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime, 2013. 

Browse the reference collection at Dewey number 364 for other reference works on crime.

Databases & Websites for Topic Selection

Is this topic older or current?

Who are the players--people, geographic regions, comapnies?

Who would be interested in this topic?

Would it have been in the news?

Were there court actions taken?