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FYS 100 -- Media, the Public Sphere & the Crisis of American Democracy (Fall 2014): Types of Periodicals




Articles in popular magazines like Time or Sports Illustrated contain information written for the general public. These sources may be appropriate to use in an academic paper, depending on the topic and focus. Magazines can be useful for introductory reading about the topic or for collecting fast facts.

Newspapers provide a journalistic perspective on a specific time and place, including local and regional news. Reliable news stories are based on eye witness' perceptions of what happened. Also include editorials and opinion pieces.

Academic journal articles are often longer than popular magazine articles. They may or may not be peer-reviewed before publication. Journals with fully documented references are more scholarly than those that don't include a bibliography or list of references.

Peer-Reviewed / Refereed / Scholarly:
Articles published in refereed journals are controlled by an editorial board following a formal process of peer review by experts in the subject area covered. The information therefore has a high level of quality, credibility, and reliability.

Trade Periodicals:
Trade publications specialize in news and information for professionals in a certain occupation. They are a credible source if written by experts with knowledge of the subject area.



→  To see if the Library has a particular journal or magazine check the Journal Locator, a full listing of the periodicals that the college can access in print (in the Library) or online. See a listing of Journalism and Communications journals.

Magazines & Journals & Newspapers, Oh My!

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