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Mergent-Business and Financial Information: Mergent Tip 1

Information on US and Foreign Companies, annual reports, recent news, Edgar access to corporate filings, key financial ratios and more.

Mergent Tip1

mergent tip1How do I look up information for a specific company?

Select Mergent (M) from the alpha list of databases to arrive at the Basic Search screen.
Select the  Target Universe or the database(s) that you would like to search in.
Enter a company name, ticker symbol or CUSIP.
As you begin to enter a company’s name or ticker symbol a drop down box appears showing the number of companies matching the criteria. This will change to reflect the new criteria, as you add more parts of the name, allowing you to quickly expand or narrow your search. To include Dun & Bradstreet private companies in the search, set the Search private companies check box. Note: This option is only available if you subscribe to this database of companies.
Click the search button. If you entered a company name or ticker symbol, then click on the Go button. This will display the Search Results page.