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FYS100 Playing God: artificial life forms in fiction: Surfing the Internet

Quick Tips

Google's advanced search allows you to search by domain name (on bottom line of the advanced search form).

Entering .edu or .gov into this line will only return results from educational or US government sites, which tend to contain more reliable scholarly or factual information. You will still have to evaluate the sites for authority, accuracy, currency, and objectivity.

Science Fiction on the Internet


The Hugos


Top Ten Science Fiction Magazines

Pulps and Fanzines


Author sites

Charlie's Diary


And much, much more....

Internet Resources

Google Scholar  The Google search engine for academic sites including colleges, universities, publishers, and more.

Google Books  Most books are available in only snippet or preview mode, but you can sample and decide if the book is worth getting through interlibrary loan.

Google Images  A search engine for images.  The results you find may have copyright restrictions.

YouTube  Has a vast collection of video clips.