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Painting I -- Fall 2017: Presentation Tools

Keep it SIMPLE!

Keep it simple

Research shows that visuals (animation) plus concise, simultaneous narration is better than just narration alone. When it comes to the issue of projected text on a screen and narration:

“Words should be presented as speech (i.e., narration) rather than text (i.e., on-screen text) or as speech and text.”

                 — Richard Mayer

Using PowerPoint to your advantage!

Need help with the basics?

PowerPoint Add-ons

Allows you to zoom in and out of slides and move randomly between slides.

A wireframing and storyboarding tool.

Allows audience responses and participation with mobile devices.

An app for viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations. SlideShark keeps presentation notes and formatting.

Prezi - The Zooming Presentation Editor

Other Presentation & Graphics Tools