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Resources for Theatre Research: Theatre Journals

A few theatre journals that may be helpful for your research:


  • American Theatre: The publication includes articles, book reviews, production reviews, and some new plays.
  • Comparative Drama: This scholarly journal from Western Michigan University focuses on drama and theater from a literary point of view. It covers various genres of drama.
  • Modern Drama:  One of the oldest scholarly modern theater journals – it began publication in 1958 - covering contemporary drama.
  • NTQ: New Theatre Quarterly: the focus of this academic journal is modern performance issues and dramaturgy.
  • PAJ: a Journal of Performance and Art: This journal covers contemporary dance, theater and performance art, including performance reviews and opinion.
  • TDR: The Drama Review: This quintessential journal publishes articles on theater production, history, and criticism. There are extensive reviews and descriptions of contemporary and avant-garde performances.
  • Theatre Journal: A scholarly journal published by the The Johns Hopkins University Press and it features “production reviews, historical studies and theoretical inquiries that analyze dramatic texts and production. The articles are substantial and refereed.”

→  To see if the Library has a particular journal check the Journal Locator, a full listing of the periodicals that the college can access in print (in the Library) or online -- Check it out, See a listing of Drama journals to which the Library subscribes.