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Educating The Prince (Fall 2016): Class Activity: Using CRAAP


The URL for a website can tell you a lot about the purpose of a webpage. 

.com = commercial site

.net =network provider

.org =organization

.edu =education - school or university

.mil = military website

.gov = government website

.com, .net, and .org sites are less regulated, meaning anyone can register for a website with that domain.  .edu, .mil, and .gov sites are MORE REGULATED, and tend to be more reliable. 

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Most of the time when you are searching databases provided by a school or university, the content has a good chance of being reliable. 

However, when searching the internet via Google or other search engines, the chances of finding unreliable sites is much higher.

Review the following sites based on the CRAAP criteria:

Do the above sites seem like authoritative resources? Why or why not?

Use critical thinking skills and evaluate the websites you find!

Applying the CRAAP Test to Evaluating Web Sites