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FYS 100 Liberal Sciences Spring 2017: Home

Presenting and Public Speaking


Create PowerPoint presentation from current paper which develops a thesis on the subject of academic culture based on your perspective as it evolved

  • Slide 1: title/by-line
  • Slide 2: thesis
  • Slides 3-5: support/illustrative quotes
  • Slide 6: summary/conclusion
  • Slide 7: references

Present in class

Steps to a Great Presentation

In order to do a good presentation you need:

  • Good content - arranged well
  • Positive presentation style which engages  the audience
  • Practice, practice, practice


"PowerPoint doesn't give presentations —PowerPoint makes slides." Matt Thornhill, president of Audience First


At the close of the instructional session, please click on the link below and complete the evaluation form. Your feedback will help us improve our instruction!