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Business: Business Case Studies

How To Find Business Case Studies

A case study tells what happened to and in a business (or non-profit, or industry) over time. Case studies allow you to learn about real-world organizational problems and how they can be addressed. They challenge and develop your problem-solving abilities.

Cengage Learning provides advice on how to: 

In general, case studies can be found in both scholarly and non-scholarly business journals, and also on the web sites of business consulting groups. This how-to will guide you in finding case studies using several of the Empire State College Online Library's databases.

Finding Case Studies Using Business Source Complete

Access Business Source Complete:

  1. Go to the library web site at
  2. Click Go to Database List.
  3. Navigate to "B" and scroll down to Business Source Complete, click it, and if off-campus log in with your LionLink information.

To find case studies in Business Source Complete, click the Advanced Search link under the search box on the main page. Once you're in Advanced Search:

  1. Scroll down the page to Document Type, and select "Case Study" from the menu.
  2. Select "Full Text" under "Limit your Results"
  3. Scroll back up the page and enter your search terms.

Keyword Search Tips

To find those case studies, simply search for your topic. For example:

  • non-profit OR nonprofit
  • ("social media" OR "web 2.0") AND "beverage industry"
  • ("for-profit higher education" OR Kaplan OR "University of Phoenix")

    To find a case study on a specific company just enter the company name:
  • Disney OR Pepsi OR Hershey