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POL 420 -- Global Poverty (Spring 2019): Books

Research Process

  • Choose a topic
  • Do background research
  • Create a research question or thesis statement
  • Search for information
  • Evaluate information

Background Materials & Overviews

Albright Holdings

If doing a basic keyword search yields too many items, try searching for your words as subject headings. A sample of relevant subject heading phrases includes:

  • global south
  • poverty (you can also add the name of a geographic region, e.g., poverty latin america
  • poverty case studies
  • poverty developing countries
  • sustainability

You can search any topic and add developing countries to the search, e.g., finance developing countries

In searching our catalog, LESS is MORE. Ignore words like and, the, in, of.


Other Libraries

The same combinations of keywords can be used to search WorldCat.