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CHE 324--Inorganic Chemistry: Starting Your Research

Words of Advice

All of the databases offer some form of online help.  The tutorials available with SciFinder-n are excellent as are the videos on YouTube.  But your best source of help is your chemistry professor. For general searching questions, email for assistance.


BACKGROUND: SciFinder-n is a database of chemical and biomedical literature.  It includes CAplus (chemical literature from 1907 with some earlier material), Medline (biomedical literature from the National Library of Medicine, mostly from 1950 on), CAS Registry (chemical substances and their assigned registry number), and several other databases.  To use SciFinder-n for the first time, you must register.  Even after registering, to use SciFinder-n off campus you must login through the campus network as a remote user.

Extensive training is available on the SciFinder-n web pages in Substance searching, reaction searching, reference searching and general search tips and techniques. We highly recommend that you use the tutorials (the videos are only a few minutes long).

From the main page, in the Reactions tab, you can search in several ways including CAS Reaction Number, Substance Name, CAS RN, and Patent Number.

Other Science Databases

American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications