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Class Flag Tradition: Home

Welcome to Albright College's Past






New Flag Tradition Will Be Inaugurated 

A new Albright tradition will be put into full operation tomorrow. At the alumni luncheon, class flags will be presented to the four class presidents, Brooke Moyer, '58, Fred Dietzel, '59, Gerald Bauer, '60, and Herbert Miller, '61. This will be the first such en masse presentation although the initial class flag was given to the class of 1957 in the spring. Each year in the future, the incoming class will be presented with its flag, probably sometime during the freshman year.

The project is under the direction of the Alumni Association and was begun last year. The presentation of the flag each year will be sponsored by the class then celebrating the 50th anniversary of its graduation from Albright. thus the classes of '08, '09, '10 and '11 will be presenting flags at the exercised tomorrow.

The initial step in the project each year wil be the selection of class colors by the incoming Albrightians. The elected organization of each class will be in charge of the selection of the colors and design for the flag. Such was the case this year, but with the exception of the freshmen. It was necessary to have the selection of their colors and design before the class elected its officers in order that the class of '61 could receive its flag with those of the other classes at homecoming.

Thus a representative committee of freshmen was chosen by the Alumni Association to select the flag design. Since the class was not organized when the selection of the colors of the freshman class of 50 years ago. Plans for the flag-giving ceremony in future years will be made so that each class may select its own colors and flag design.

The purpose of this new tradition is to provide each class with a symbol of its unity that can be used at all class functions. The Alumni Association, which hopes that this tradition will foster a closer relationship between present students and graduates, envisions the day when these flag will be of sufficient number to ring the balcony of Krause Hall, where they will be exhibited for special events such as homecoming.


Source: The Albrightian, October 25, 1957