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Student Honors Papers - 2006: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present




Kate Bender

Attempt at the Synthesis of Quinone Systems Capable of Intramolecular Proton Transfer to Explore Their Redox  Properties (2006)

Shamell Brandon Liking an Ideal or Familiar Eye: The Relative Influence of Evolution and the Mere Exposure Effect (2006)
Allison Domday Total Quality Management Implementation at Albright College: Examining the Role of Faculty (2006)
Charles Frankhouser Quantifying Variation in Bat Echolocation Calls (2006)
Joan Hancock The Traveling Man and The Goal Gate: Two Short Plays by Lady Gregory (2006)
Mallory Hartman The Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Collectivism on Dehumanization during Time of War (2006)
Sara Hegarty The Therapeutic Use of Photography in Relaxation (2006)

Christine Iannicelli

Cinmeathearapy: The Therapeutic Effect of Movies (2006)
Alexandra Kramen Deniers Denied: The Rise and Fall of David Irving and its Effects on Holocaust Memory (2006)
Stacey Krout In Search of the GAD CaM-binding Domain and Active Site in Mutant vs. Wild Type Tobacco Plants (2006)
Rebecca Lewis La familia Velazquez: Las influencias de factores multidimensionales de aculturacion en la identidad cultural (2006)
Nicolas Loris Occupational Distribution and Wages by Gender and Nationality in Russia (2006)
Jordan Mauger Supernatural Sexuality: The Sexual Behavior of Powerful Female Characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2006)
Ashley Nomland Progress toward Studying the Intramolecular Cyclization of a Carbene (2006)

Meghan Ozment

Media Influence on Expectations of Partners in Intimate Relationaships (2006)
Julia Pfaff Hemisuccinate Synthesis: Investigation of Dibutyltin Oxide as an Esterification Catalyst (2006)
William Reilly Digital Cartooning: From Paper to Pilot (2006)
Tara Smith Improved Karyotyping of Low Volume Blood Cell Cultures (2006)
Jessica Sullivan Positive Effects of a Peer Reading Program on Self-Esteem, Behavior, and Ability to Work with Others (2006)
Tyler Travitz Instant Messaging: A Social Phenomenon (2006)
Mary Trochez  Doubt (2006)
Brendan Ward Racial Divide on the Track: An Exploration into Race and Athleticism within the Sport of Track and Field (2006)
Gary Willman Synthesis of Ambrox from Abietic Acid Isolated from Pine Rosin (2006)
Seiji Yamashita Of Builders and Dreamers (2006)
Jeanette Young Verifying the Predicted Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Signals of Specifically Deuterated Molecules (2006)