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Student Honors Papers - 2014: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present




Brittany Bartok German Re-education in the US Occupation Zone, 1945-1948 (2014)
Sheldon Carpenter The Shape of Things: A Director's Voice on Theatrical Process, Production, and Performance (2014)
Bren Cole Development of Redox-Active Aluminum Systems: Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminum-a-Diimine Complexes (2014)
Jessica DeOrnellas Childhood Imaginary Friends and Adult Personality Traits (2014)
Rieffe Dia Studies of Delta N20 β2-Microglobulin at Neutral pH (2014)
Cassandra Gregoli Effects of Cytochalasin D on CHO Cell Morphology and Virus Factory Formation in L929 Cells (2014)
Hilary Hanford Comparing Effectiveness of Individual Tutoring and Online Videos (2014)
Amanda Havens The Effects of the Big Five Personality Traits and Relationship Satisfaction on Partner Monitoring and the Presentation of Romantic Relationships on Facebook (2014)
Nicholas Hultz Albright Rideshare (2014)
Sarah MacKenna English-speaking print media representations of K-pop and by extension record company marketing strategies and techniques (2014)
Christa Mantz The Asphalt Forest: An Environmental Science Education Initiative (2014)
Maggie Morgan The Evolution of Moral Opinion (2014)
Hayley Myer Survival Horror Meets Literary Theory: An Analysis of the Genre through Narrative and Literary Genres (2014)
Daniel Robinson Investigation of the Effect of the Acid-Base and Redox Properties on the CPET Reactivity of Base-Appended Phenols (2014)

Rodger Rothenberger

Pumpkin Treatment, Tissue Culture, and Plasmid Building (2014) 
Michael Schwartz Copyright in the Digital Age: The Importance of Transformative Use in Video Game Streaming (2014)
Matthew Smith Minimal Surfaces, Soaps Films, and the Weierstrass-Enneper Representation (2014)
Bryan Sotnyk Thank You for Wierdness: Teen Programming at the Muhlenberg Community (2014) 
Jennifer Zaplintny The Price to Pay for Evolutionary Success (2014)