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What is Lion One Search?

LION One Search is an online research tool that “pulls together” almost all of our Library resources so that they can be explored using a single search box. In other words, rather than searching the cataLION library catalog for books and one of the Albright Library databases such as Academic Search Complete for journal articles, you can do a LION One Search and get results which include books, e-books, journal articles, and government documents in one list. In fact, you could think of LION One Search as the Library’s version of Google searching for quality library resources.. 

What Does LION One Search Cover?

The following databases are searched by LION One Search. This list is not comprehensive, as new databases continue to be added. For additional information about what is included in LION One Search email us.

These databases are used in LION One Search only.

These databases are used in LION One Search and the Articles tab search.

These databases are used in LION OneSearch and the Videos search option

What Doesn't LION One Search Cover

These databases are not covered in a LION One Search search.