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Connecting the Past with the Present



There are several scrapbooks in Special Collections:

  1. General / News Clippings: There are a number of scrapbooks covering the years 1939-1952; 1953-1974; 1981-1982.
  2. Athletics: These years are covered 1935-1951; 1970-1974
  3. Betty Berger: She was a member of the Class of 1948. The scrapbooks cover the years 1944-1948 and it has mostly newspaper clippings with some Albrightiana.
  4. Margaret Esterly: She graduated in 1940. Her scrapbook mostly contains photographs when she was a student at the college.
  5. Neal O. Harris: (1905-1982). He was the Director of Physical Education from 1938-1946 at Albright College. In 1947 he went to train the Egyptian basketball team. He also served as the Chief of the Army's Sports Program in the 1960s. The four scrapbooks/photo albums cover his life until his death in 1982.
  6. Lester Pushman: A member of the Class of 1947. His scrapbook is mostly about him on the football team.
  7. Ellen W. Smiley: She graduated in 1942 and her scrapbook covers 1941-1942. It has mostly newspaper clippings with some Albrightiana.
  8. Elmer L. Walton: He began as a professor of Geology in 1929 and later served as Academic Dean. His two scrapbooks cover 1929-1962.