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Student Honors Papers - 2018: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present



Sydney Baybayan Trivialization vs. Romanticism: How Language Can Impact Implicit and Explicit Perceptions of Mental Illness and Stigma Edorsement (2018)
Casandra Belizaire To Hip Hop, with Love (2018)
Kyle Bernadyn "We been waitin' for you:" An Analysis of the Poetical, Literary, and Political Realities of Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly (2018)
Sarah Boothman Investigation into the Possible Mitogenic Role of an Epidermal Growth Factor Ortholog Expressed by Ectromelia  Virus (2018)
Elena Brown Mate Choices, Matching Voices: An Examination of Matching Romantic Partner Voices (2018)
Tracy Celestin The Relationship between Vocal, Trait, and Physical Markers of Dominance (2018)
Adam Dalessandro Effects of Virtual Reality-Induced Eye Strain on Visual Acuity and Constant Sensitivity (2018)
Stephanie Dea Effects of ectoparasites on survivorship and reproduction of Peromyscus leucopus (2018)
Elizabeth Eberwein Voyaging Colonialsim; Seafaring Patriarchy, Toxic Heroism, and the Construction of Gendered and Racialized Hierarchies in Sexing the Cherry and A Mercy (2018)
Courtney Gehman Ingestion of diadzein leads to an increase in ERR-dependent larval lethality in Drosophila melanogaster (2018)
Zachary Griffith Civilian Airliner Accident Investigations in the U.S. and France and Their Impact on Aviation Safety (2018)
Kelsey Grinnan Considering Computer Code as Foreign Language (2018)
Thomas Harrision Personality Traits: Predicting Objectively Measured Levels of Exercise and Implict and Explicit Attitudes toward Exercise (2018)
Justin Hoffman Rescuing of long-distance DNA interactions required for CSR by YY1 (2018)
William Holl Loss of Akt expression protects Drosophila larva from ediadzein-dependent death (2018)
Michalia Humphrey The Effects of "Fitspiration" and Acute Exercise on Self-Esteem and Body Satisfaction (2018)
Renee Hunsberger Effects of Self-Esteem, Grit, and Resilience on Physiological Stress Response (2018)
Kylie Johnston Female Performers in Non-classical Music; Focusing on the Individual and Individuality (2018)
Lindsey Jones Design for Dance: A Tribute to Marcia Dale Weary and the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (2018)
Sandy Lee Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Protein-Ligand Integration Models (2018)
Chanel Lepone The Role of Motivations and Attachment Style in Understanding Romantic Partner Monitoring on Social Media (2018)
Ashley Lipshaw Structural Analysis of Glass Materials using Raman Spectroscopy (2018)
Khoi Luong Use of Technology in Buddhist Philosophy and Practice as a Form of Skillful Means (2018)
Angela Manfredi  Animation: The Creative Process (2018)
Paige Naseef  A Nutritional Anaylysis of Phaseolus vulgaris Grown in an Aquaponics System vs. Grown Commercially vs. Grown Organically (2018)
Shannon O'Hara Visual Working Memory Differences in Relation to Measures of Delusional Ideation (2018)
Aubrie Pottiger Framing Effects on Exercise Behavior (2018)
Brittany Slaughterbeck Analysis of parabens in over-the-counter cosmetics by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and their binding affinity to bovine serum albumin by fluorescence spectrometry (2018)
Garrett Solomon One-Hander: A Play in One Act (2018)
Rebekah Turbett  Parental attitudes concerning children's beliefs in secular and nonsecular entities (2018)
Tiana Van Leuven The Fashion Industry's Response to their Ever-Changing and very Diverse Consumer Base (2018)