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Student Honors Papers - 2019: Home

Connecting the Past with the Present



William Adams Automated and Accessible Computational Chemistry Benchmarking (2019)
Karen Alejandres Physician and Limited English Proficiency Parent's Perceptions on Childhood Asthma in Primary Care (2019)
Sophie Bass Applying Queueing Theory to Real World Applications (2019)
Katherine Betz Go Directly to Jail: The Mathematics Behind Family Game Night (2019)
Kelly Cembrale Perceptions of Vocal Stimuli: The Effect of Lateralization (2019)
Alexis Cooper Law Enforcement Officials, New Religious Movements, and the Free Exercise Clause (2019)
Rebecca Davis Effects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation on Optical Illusion Strength (2019)
Kristen DePalma Mental Illnesses Expressed in Visual Art (2019)
Emily Durell Les Petites and Die Postkarte: The Images of Children in Great War European Postcards (2019)
Mia Felix Investigating the diagnostic value and cost-efficiencies of imaging tests in small animal emergency veterinary medicine (2019)
Benjamin Foreman Mapping the Consumer Profile of the American Sport Fisherman (2019)
Zoe Gehman An Asymmetrical Ferrocene-Bridged Ligand to Hold Dissimilar Metal Ions (2019)
Kaylyn Haan Analisis de los sistemas del cuidado de los perros en Espana y Estados Unidos (2019)
Jennifer Heydt Liberation from Fear: Institutional Racism and the African American Home (2019)
Alyssa Kates Effects of the Hollow Mask Illusion on Children (2019)
Tyler Kiwak The Building of a Conditional Lethal Plasmid for Agrobacterium (2019)
Frank Lavery Ordinary Jurists and the Legal Construction of the Holocaust (2019)
Francis Mele Evaluating the Rhamnose Promoter for Leakiness Using GFP (2019)
Rebecca Morgis Characterization of the Epidermal Growth Factor Ortholog of Ectromelia Virus (2019)
Marina Nye The Corset as a Lens into the Condition of Womanhood (2019)
Julia Pevarnik Ectromelia virus lacking the E3 gene is replication-defective (2019)
Thalia Williamson Sound Polllution and its Impact on Bird Behavior (2019)